Back End Error please help

Whenever I join a game, I get this “Back End Error: Couldn’t Resolve Host” problem.
The problem happens too constant today. Please could someone look into this issue?

console-2019-12-27-13.54.58-60455a92-c79c-4954-bc87-edb4f88385b0.log (39.5 KB) console-2019-12-27-13.57.46-ccb0da00-e433-4e6a-89d0-629d20cf6671.log (284.9 KB) console-2019-12-27-14.11.29-2e7f067d-4130-4def-9cab-787c7d231d8e.log (150.0 KB)

Sorry to hear about this. Please see our article on the COULDNT_RESOLVE_HOST error here:

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