Had to quit

Yeah, so. . . I really enjoyed the game. I really wanted to do everything in the game, and I did. Except for the weaves.

After many days of not being able to find a suitable group, and also seeing many terrible players with 120 frames. . . that need to be carried through cata. . . presumably because they finished weaves with bardin or kruber. I called it off. Also, it the whole thing is just one exploit after another. I know people that finished 160 in season 1 and the attitude was, “Do I get a better reward or something for doing it legitamately?”. This season, I got into some groups and if there is an exploit spot to use. . . they use it.

I put an end to it and uninstalled after 1800 hours. It was a good run. Weaves are nonsense, and I have much better things to do.


Fatshark actually fixed the most common cheese spots now. There are still plenty, tho. In S1, because of the insane damage scaling, exploiting cheese spots was the go to strat to accomplish anything on weaves 95/100 and up - and there was no shame in doing so because it came close to madness trying to finish maps legitimately (in some cases, it was objectively impossible).

Weave gameplay is completely different from regular adventure maps gameplay. It’s all about finding (cheesy) ways to get around obstacles, i.e. making use of OP careers (good ol’ BW DoT pre-nerf or elf’s invisibility shenanigans), map advantages (looking at you, Blightreaper ledge & scaffolding skip) or the game’s spawning system (trigger all waves in one rush and get some despawns). This ‘gameplay’ doesn’t appeal to everyone but it’s a result of the difficulty of high weaves. And as matter of fact, I learned a lot about the game’s mechanics while figuring out weaves in particular.

S2 was a walk in the park compared to S1. Up to 120, my group didn’t feel the need to cheese anything this time.


Top EU Ironbreaker Bardin.

Weaves are still in beta. You should try again once they are fully functional.


Meh. . . I came back. Game is good. Just needed a break :slight_smile:


That’s the reason why literally nobody takes Weaves and their top scores seriously.
Majority of people with Weaves/FoW Cata frames I’ve played with in QP were struggling on Cataclysm for whatever reason.
Modded is where the real skilled players are.
If you see a player with no frame (due to him probably using all skins/frames mod which forces him to have no frame on official) - there’s a high chance he’s good.
Though, getting a modded stack of players without any connections might prove to be quite hard.
Especially considering the fact a lot of veteran players with 2.5k+ hours I know are starting to quit the game or just lose any passion.

Pretty much sums up why I haven’t played done either. Someone always insta locks Shade or BW for FoW, or does cheese spots on Weaves.

I don’t discount them for doing what they can to get their challenges, but cheesing just isn’t how I enjoy playing any game.

There’s people who try to solo cheese spots on normal Cata too. lol

Can you finish Weaves without chese spots or is it too frustrating?

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Can’t agree more. It’s why I never bothered to go past weave 40 in S1 (i couldn’t even find teams after S1). I’d like to get the purple frames at least, but only once the system changes - or if they stop resetting my progression.
Regarding FOW, though, that’s a mighty fine challenge. My advice would be to find yourself a non-cheese group and do it. It’s bloody fun. I don’t even know where the cheese spots are there. Get used to fighting in the open, as the last wave is going to push you there for sure.


Didn’t you also make a thread about leaving? Why someone with 5000+ hours decided to quit


Well, he didn’t say anything about quitting being a royal diсk on the forums though :joy:


Im talking about the people who necroed a 2 year old post

Very good, you could have made it a bit clearer. The guy who necroed is the OP, so I think that’s fine.

Oh tbh I didnt even see that, just saw recent posts on a thread about a guy quitting like over a year ago, and it was making me wonder how his reasons for quitting could possibly be relevant today all this time later.

To be fair, is not like the Weave situation has changed :stuck_out_tongue:

Idk, who cares? I just run a couple of quickplays every day for a bit of a violent release…
After 2+ years I’m still 50/100 successful runs on most careers…
Just play the game and have fun?

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