Guide for movement (in-depth)


Maybe this is not really within the scope of the guide because it really isn’t useful for moving around, but could you include crouch dodge jumping somewhere in there?

If you dodge jump out of a crouch you retain your crouch state and that lets you get stuck on little ledges in the environment. Here is one practical use I found. Thanks for the in-depth write-up, there’s a lot of cool info.


That jump is awesome. Gonna include it since it is a movement type : D


Didn’t read it fully yet but i noticed you mentioned something.

“With the jump you will also be able to regenerate your dodge count.”

Isn’t jumping just used for the scenarios you explained above that sentence. Your dodge also regenarates when not jumping, it also doesn’t regenerate faster by jumping i believe. You probably just miss typed it and probably know it, just thought it pointed it out in case you did. or maybe i’m just very wrong.

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Jumping does reset the dodge count, i’d say ‘regenerate’ is just not a good description for it.
It is very useful in situations were you just have to survive while moving around.

It’s very old, from V1, but still applicable.

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From my understanding jumping just takes the same time as it takes for dodge to reset, so you are faster, can turn around etc, but it’s not jumping that resets the dodge cooldown.
This doesn’t rlly answer my question, unless its talked about in the video, but i’d rather someone’s tell me as i cannot watch vid right now.


Well yes, jumping is used like he described, you can combine it with dodges to circumvent the end-dodge slowdown while still being in movement, are able to block more effectively as well as regenerate the dodge count while doing it.
You could describe it as an evolution to just dodging and running around.

But that’s not my question, i know all that.

He said in his guide: “With the jump you will also be able to regenerate your dodge count.”

And i don’t think that’s true, as jumping doesnt regenerate ur dodge. like it’s not required to jump to regenerate it, you could also wait the same time as a jump last. So is the " " part true or is what i’m saying correct?

It’s just the way he worded it which makes it sound like you “need” to jump to reset it? is that true?

Also i’m feeling like i’m not being understood :’(.

Dunno, that “also” kinda hints that it’s not the only way. Also I just think he meant “jumping resets your dodge count” which it does.


Jumping doesn’t reset the dodge count. I phrased it wrong. Dodge count has a reset time of 0.5s so I cut it there too much. Thx.


In order for you to reset / regenerate your effective dodge count, you have to get out of dodge state. You can do that by standing still / walking / jumping. All 3 take the same amount of time, but jumping keeps you more mobile and provides additional benefits and/or possibilities (listed in the guide).
You don’t “need” the jump, it’s just the best option to use “while you wait”.


Ok thanks, thats what i thought.

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