Can somebody explain to me what that is? It seems to be more than stepping left or right or backward to avoid attacks.
What is a dogde and how do you do one?

A dodge is a sudden movement in any direction that isn’t forwards. Feels kind of like a quick hop. Enemy attacks normally track you as you move around them, but they do not track you during a dodge - This is how dodges let you avoid attacks.

To do a dodge:
Hold a direction, and press jump.
So, for instance, I hold D and press space, and that makes me dodge to the right.

Bonus info:
Not all dodges are made equal. Each weapon you can wield has a different “dodge count” and “dodge range bonus”, which changes weapon to weapon. Generally, the bigger and heavier the weapon, the worse it is at dodging. Dodge range bonus makes you move a bigger distance with each dodge, and dodge count is special.

Dodge count matters because you can only do so many dodges in a row before your dodges are no longer good. The standard dodge count is 3, for instance, which means that with most weapons, you can only dodge 3 times in a row before your dodges aren’t really dodges and barely help.
Dodge count regenerates on its own and very quickly, just gotta stop dodging for a bit.

Bonus bonus info:
Regardless of what you’re using, you can’t literally spam space to dodge immediately after doing a dodge. There’s this small delay after finishing a dodge where you gotta wait a bit before dodging again.
Now, because space is both your dodge AND your jump button (by default; can be changed), if you’re desperately holding a direction and spamming spacebar to try and dodge repeatedly, what will end up happening is that you dodge, and then you jump. Because you pressed space during a moment where you can’t dodge (the delay), so the game makes you jump instead.

This is why most endgame players set up their keybindings to be something like, one button ONLY for dodging (left shift, in my case), and one button ONLY for jumping (space, in my case). This lets them desperately mash the dodge-only button and know safely that they WILL dodge twice in a row as soon as possible, and not jump in the air like an idiot when trying to dodge.
A dodge-only keybing also lets you dodge forwards-and-diagonally-to-a-side, which is impossible with the dodge/jump key, because you’ll jump instead.


Yeah, I’d really suggest rebinding dodge/jump key in the controls to have jump only and dodge only seperate. Left Shift is very convenient for me, and it definitely made the game feel better and made me better at the game. Honestly that should really be default, why is dodge/jump both set on spacebar?


Ok, so dodging is basically a jump that the enemy have a hard time to track? So if I jump-dodge to the left the rat will probably miss me when it tries to hit me, but if it’s a jump only, it will hit me?

There is no jumping involved when dodging.

Jumps do nothing to save you from getting hit.

KaelusVonSestiaf say it is. Is he wrong?

I believe Kaelus used the term “jump” because, by default, jump and dodge are bound to the same key.

You can, however, take on a jump after a dodge for something more mechanically flashy, though it takes a bit of practice and coordination. :slight_smile:

Ok, this is starting to look like semantics and is really uninteresting. I just wanna find out how to play the darn thing. …

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You can jump after using all your “effective” dodges. A jump takes around the same time it takes for your effective dodges to reset, so it’s better to tell when it reset when your jump ends. so players will dodge 3 times for example and jump and repeat, but jumping isn’t necesary. I think thats the reason tho not sure.

Thanks Mattie! But what is the difference between a jump and a dodge? See, I dont know what a DODGE is.

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A dodge is a sideways or back movement where you do not leave the ground. A jump is a movement where you leave the ground and can do so in any direction. A dodge helps you avoid damage much more reliably than a jump.

Edit: Here is an example of Pershing dodging a horde. The little sliding sound when he moves is a dodge.

Thanks. :grinning:

A jump is just used to jump on objects or over objects. it has no advantages when fighting.
Dodging makes enemies unable to track you for a certain time. this is usefull for every type of enemy, in hordes purely dodging will still make you get hit as there are many enemies, so it’s better to add blocks and pushes + dodging when fighting a big wave of enemies.

What about the timer? Do we know anything about it? If I use the billhook I have three dodges and then I have to wait . but for how long?

For like 1 second. You’ll learn as you play.

Fast reply. Thanks!