Decreased Dodge distance

when you dodge repeatedly and if you timed right your character dodge distance decrease about 40-70% causing: you can dodge more often but about only 0.5m away

This is not a bug. Every weapon has its effective dodge count. If you go over that you get these short ones, thats not enough to dodge those attacks that you are supposed to. Dodge count replenishes over time, or when you jump.


Certain weapons technically have unlimited dodge as well. Like the elf 1 handed sword and Salty’s Brace of Pistols, not sure about any others tho…

It doesn’t replenish by jumping, but the replenishment time needed is very close to the time it takes to jump.

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The new elf axe also.

Well, good to know. Tho its strange that one jump basically refills your whole dodge pool.

The recharge for dodges is pretty fast, normally a dodge followed by a block push attack or quick 1-2 light attacks and your dodge stamina is back to full. You have to constantly dodge to run out, maybe when kite dodging backwards from a boss or running from a aggro’d patrol? Even then, it’s really only heavy two handed weapons that run out. If I remember correctly, most light weapons have around 3-6 dodge count. And the unlimited ones, 1 handed sword for elf, has a 100 dodge count. Which can be pretty fun on HM with her increased dodge distance.

And here we see yet another reason why that “intermediate tutorial” I’ve suggested a couple of times would be a good thing…

The differing dodge counts and their meaning are explained nowhere in-game, and searching for them from external sources (particularly when you’re oblivious to their existence) is a non-trivial task. There are a lot of similar things in the game.

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