Grims/Scriptures - Is there a point/benefit to collecting them

Are there features just not in the beta yet that actually make collecting these have a point?

Currently the only benefits that I have noticed (could be there are others that the UX design don’t highlight well enough to be understood):

  • Payout at end of mission, a paltry sum of credits which if you skip collecting the books (which most do) you can get through the mission faster which means more missions per x timeframe which means more credits.

  • Contracts. I currently reroll any “complete secondary objective on mission x” and if I have the money I potentially reroll the “collect x number of grims/scriptures”.

  • Penances - Not sure if any actually require these, I don’t think I’ve noticed any.

Is there some other benefit? In Vermintide the benefit was increased chance a better lootbox at the end. I get dropping boxes, that’s fine, but there is no end game item reward tied to the grims/scriptures that I know of. There could be, but the UX does not provide any hint as to what that is. The end of game scoring from VT2, it was very obvious how having all the grims and tomes actually increased your chance of a better chest.

If there is some future point to these being collected, good deal, as long as it’s clear. If it’s just credits and contracts, most people will ignore them making collecting them without a premade a complete pain, because of coherency and being alone is a good way to die and lose the grim/scripture anyway.

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I think you named the three benefits, yeah. Given that you can already receive items as rewards at the end of a mission, I think the books should contribute to that as well. As you pointed out, people mostly ignore them since there’s not really much incentive.


I personally think that collecting these extra items is just tedious and makes no sense. A better ideia would be just spawning some of these random items that would be colected and they would just add XP to all players or unlock a random skin/weapon. Like Hunt Showdown does with the posters and blueprints scattered randomly in missions.


I’d be more inclined to grab them if they were in fixed locations like in VT2 but when there is a half dozen locations they can spawn in I just can’t be bothered unless I get lucky.


Yeah. The health debuff is not worth the risk imo, if they gave more xp and/or unlock (or simply didn’t have the penalty) it would be better imo.

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The responses so far is about what I expected, there isn’t much point to gather them because there isn’t really any reward for doing so. I am hoping this is because we don’t have all of the features unlocked, and not just a core design decision to throw them in as a nod to Vermintide 1&2.

Personally I like that the locations aren’t fixed, but there should be some incentive that makes it desirable to collect them. Currently the known benefits aren’t worth the time or effort.


I also like that the locations aren’t fixed. Actually searching for them in each mission is a lot more fun than just beelining on a set path because you know where they are

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The benefit is indeed bonus experience and Ordo dockets, both which allows for a higher hourly gains than if you were to run a mission faster by skipping them, possibly not on the two lowest diffs but in Malice and up it makes up for the tiny amount of time loss you’d have looking for them.

Also once you’ve done it a few maps, you’ll start seeing the spots they can be in and you’ll bee-line towards those way more without having to look around too much :slight_smile:

Hoping it will eventually work to maybe increase your chance to get an item reward or similarly.

The XP bonus isn’t worth anything long term. Once you are 30 you are 30. No levels past that giving you chests (ala Vermintide).

Again, it could be features aren’t implemented yet, and I get that, and honestly hope that’s the case.

If it’s not, then they need to tweak something because at some point having a ton of Ordo is just that, a ton of it and why grab extra.

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The Ordo dockets are worth it at max level tho, by a long shot :slight_smile: they’re also affected by Curio boosting this so makes even more sense to grab them :slight_smile:

I currently get 28% more Ordo Dockets from my Curios, the amount of bonus money I get from a Malice mission is around 1600-2000 each for the Secondary objective and the Special Conditions… Given the base reward is somewhere just under 11k for me… those almost 3k-4k bonuses makes up for any time spent on quickly grabbing the books, more so than running another map slightly quicker :slight_smile:

I’ve got 300k saved up. I know what weapons I’m buying at this point. The weapon type I want only pops up every few hours. I don’t buy most of them because their base stats are worse than the one I currently have. After a certain point you just don’t need anything other than mats and the contract currency.