Greater deamon boss

My suggestion is that I think it would be cool to fight a greater deamon.


like, a massive battlefield with a boss that’s 3 houses tall and has a range of 1000km which u have to dodge or block or get behind obstacles, and shoot his eyeballs or butthole.

i’m all in!

the furious 5 would get shreked so hard by a Greater Deamon, maybe start us out small and let us fight a plague bearer :stuck_out_tongue:


Why not demon prince? But I seriously doubt, that Ubersreik five … or four, would have any chance against those kinds of enemies. It’s a game though, so maybe we’ll see this happening.

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As per tabletop terms, the five are definitely at least on hero level, and four or five heroes together might stand a chance even against such enemies.

yeah! would be soo cool :smiley:

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