Demons in new expansions

Well for starters it is an absolute imperative to have them ingame at some point, I mean what is CHAOS without its demons

PLAGUEBEARERS- should be slow and cumbersome , just like chaos warriors, should have no armour but should regenerate health at a pretty fast rate, they should have something like BUBOLES on them ( a finite number , let’s say 2-3) wich should spray u with puss when u break them. Should have poison attacks and explode into puss when they die. Something like a mini boss actually. There should only be one active at any point…summoned by a sorcerer would be the best way…and if u interrupt the summon the demon disappears , you can use one of the existing sorcerers (blightstormer comes to mind) or create a new subtype


they should come from small hives, (like the buboles) be like the little rats that roam the levels easy to kill low damage, more annoying than dangerous for full health heroes , but able to bring down a injured hero, u kill the hive and they stop coming.


Remember concocation of decay? well what if they managed to summon the demon?

Should only be half summoned like the demon in DAWN OF WAR 2. Should be up to his belly in entrails , unable to move…have a huge slow swing that poisones heroes, a barf just like the troll , regeneration and no armour, and of course summon NURGLINGS

As much as I hate to say it, the Ubersriek 4 (or 5, doesn’t matter) would probably not be able to take out an actual Greater Daemon, even if it is only half-summoned. (Except for maybe Sienna because magic).

You need potent magic or magical weaponry (or overwhelming force, like a cannon) just to hurt or damage daemons, and Greater Daemons are individually almost a force of nature. Just being close enough to a Great Unclean One would subject you to horrible diseases, plagues and other conditions never seen before in the Old World and because of the blessings of Nurgle it would be monumentally tough and resilient, moreso than the other Greater Daemons.

Plaguebearers, Heralds and Nurglings would potentially be better enemies, with Plaguebearers being elites, Heralds being mini-bosses and Nurglings being pests.

I would tone down the regeneration though, because they make the enemies unfun to fight. Plaguebearers would just be completely unstaggerable. Heralds would summon Nurglings as a way to pad it’s own health.

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I’ve said this before… They should put nurglings inside chests. That would be a nasty surprise :smiley:


I agree about the Heralds…would do better as minibosses…

but also fighting against an army of Nurgle would subject you to all kinds of plagues and diseases…and yet they have not implemented that ingame…nurgle blessed warriors are not even immune to poison (hagbane) for christsake, even a fanatics attack should potentially infect u with some disease…but you don’t see that ingame…

Sienna’s Magic should also ignore most armour, at least stormvermin…ad it doesn’t

so with all the compromises done for gameplay sake I think a half summoned Great Unclean one can potentially be in the game

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