Gooood Reviews

The communication from devs has been good, my personal performance improvement has been good. I think it’s been a week since launch? I’m simple starting its trending upwards, from my perspective.


Game deserves every bad review it gets.


Communication ahs not been good.
The fact that crafting would be delayed was announced by a dev on discord.
No roadmap concerning the very apparent missing content (weapons, upcoming maps, the rest of the story, etc)
Na. Not exactly stellar as usual.


Well actually it is beyond reskins, missions in the same area actually share chunks of the level - but I like that. It is well done, like in one mission you arrive in a shared area from the left and are going above and in the other you arrive from the right and are going downwards. It also emphasizes the size of the hive city as I happen to get lost in these common areas : are we going up or down in this one ? Even more true in QP.
Presumably this will get better with familiarity, but I like that it is harder to get familiar with the layout of a map.

It also allows them to release new areas and a couple of missions in it quite easily, and it is also lighter from the game size point of view.

The ‘‘beta’’ is an early access so the same things but earlier, we all know they cannot add new huge content in 2 weeks, something miss ofc yes but for sure is not b4b

Except for elden rings all 2022 games are bombed from bad reviews so this is not a great deal just sad ppl ‘’ expert couse can reviews ‘’ the same ppl who wipe when a sniper appears in the game

Just buy end game item in the weekly shop i d not see the problem

I was there on the ground floor when ER was released. I remember that a lot of pple (me excluded) had FPS issues in the first couple of days, which led to thousands negative reviews on steam. FS (not our FS) patched it asap, in a couple of days. ER is the game to look up to - it is a completely finished product at v 1.0. DT can’t run for 30 minutes straight at v 1.0.
I don’t want to compare these two FSs, but if DT was 10% as polished / full of content as ER our FS would have been unanimously praised.
After playing the game for 200+ hrs (way too much) I landed in the camp “they should’ve postponed DT for 6+ months” - we’re playing beta.

EDIT: As I was typing this post I was trying to load the game to check up on the shop. Game got stuck on the loading screen. Excellent example of DT’s polish.


The funny thing is that Darktide was already delayed by not just six months, but an entire year! I can only theorize that the entire game was scrapped and then hastily rebuilt from the ground up halfway through the development process; there’s no other feasible explanation for the state it’s in despite having such a lengthy development time.

I dunno about scrapped, but the inital clip (with 4 guardsmen) definitely has a different vibe.

Try a no light mission if u wonna feel those vibes , just play the game guys not only 30 mins

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You have it backwards. Probably a good chunk of people posting here has already been playing 100+ hours.


The ‘weekly shop’ has like 5 items that rotate daily, it’s not going to cure the issue of never seeing a weapon in any of the shops. Or about as bad, seeing the item with horrible stat distribution so that it’s not worth having to begin with.

Finding a weapon with <50% damage isn’t an end game item. I’ve seen multiple bolters that were like that, so not really an upgrade from my 60% one is it? Or an eviserator with 70% damage and 15% penetration. These were all on my 30 zealot, and I’m still looking for a version of these weapons that is approaching what I would want to run in diff 5.

The game is amazing. All the review bomb kiddies gonna keep trying to bomb every game they can.

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I got 300+ hours and I have basically stopped playing this game a week ago.
Only good games deserve good reviews.

I’ve got over 140 hours and the reason i keep playing while all my friends dropped it is because i love 40k and Darktide is the best 40k FPS in years. That being said if it wasnt 40k this game should have crashed and burned for the amount of wrong with it.

Performance? Garbage, and the game isnt some huge ultra realistic open world next gen tech demo, its a glorified corridor shooter.

Stability? I dont even understand how a game can be relseased and crash so much

Content? Well we have like 7 actualy different maps with the other 3-4 being just the same maps rearranged.

The 65+ weapons on launch arent actually 65 its more like 30 with the rest being simply reskined pointless variants that clutter the inventory and the shop having 3 slightly variants for every autogun and tactical axe aint much of a variety.

The shop: Why? Why isnt the system the same as VT2? Said variants are cluttering the shop top the point that you never see the weapons you actually want.

The premium shop: I have no problem with it but wtf is with those prices? You’re selling a bundle of 5 skins (2 of which are lazy recolors) for 12 euros? basically the third of the price of the actuall game?

and i’ve got more but im pretty tired of typing, lets hope Fatshark salvages this mess because i doubt we will ever see a Chain-Axe depicted in an FPS game ever again.