Gonna set myself on fire

So in light of the new class overhalls that are coming I wanted to prepose an intrusive thought.
for far off updates of course.

Self immolation zealot.

The idea is simple and straightforward, providing there are skill trees that open up fire builds for zealot.

what I prepose is a new ability that when trigged the zealot covers themselves in holy oils and sets themselves on fire, inflicting fire damage in a proximity AOE, it does self damage but it effects toughness first meaning it’s a risk reward ability that as long as you can keep up the careful brawl you’ll outlive the effects and cause an inferno.

“emporer bless this burning body!”

By all mean, toss in improvment suggestions below if you can think of any.


Fire damage immediately knocks your toughness down to zero. It could just be a prayer and blessing of some kind instead of literally setting yourself on fire lol.

But where’s the zeal in that?

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Atonement for your sins, cleansed by holy fire?

Stagger locking yourself on the spot until you die of fire damage doesn’t sound too good : >

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i think he means this to work like unchained dmg aura ult, + toughness debuff

gives me some cool Borderlands Krieg vibes

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then lets make it temp high fire resistance on use. Like the veterans ranged damage reduction, just more niche and unhinged.

Because if your in a bad spot with bombers or flamers, that’s gonna be clutch comeback while lookin like hell rider and smelling like fresh cooked beef.

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exactly, wording things like a normal human aint my strong suit. But I do get good sleep depreived ideas at times.

It would be interesting idea. Could work in sometime of cool down mechanic like with Sienna in VT2.

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