Globadier Suicide Charge with Damage Reduction

Make Globadiers Resistant to damage when they Suicide Charge. (maybe 75% dmg reduction)

How/Why I thought of this
I played a “Back to Basics” deed in legendary. For those who don’t know, “Back to Basics” is Uber Hard. You essentially deal about 1/2 or less damage. You have no Traits on weapons or trinkets.
So in this deed, globadiers suicide charge was scary. We could not kill it individually and we had to work as a group to shoot it down. Its scary as hell when a globadier is suicide charging you, and you do very little damage to kill it.

So going back to my suggestion. I think the increased damage reduction for globadiers during suicide charges would incentivize killing it with 1 shot. The suicide charge would be scary. More fun. And best of all It should be relatively easy to implement this.

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lure him to start suicide than back doge

That back to basics modifier is one of the hardest if not the hardest. Totally changes how you play. Its uber hard. I havent seen one higher than champion. But its several notches harder than Legend even.

I"ve done a few on Legend. It really is funny how ridiculous it is. The old troll that kept regending was IMPOSSIBLE to kill. Not like the whole team wipes impossible. Impossible LIke he regens more health than all and any of our dps combine.

This is just a suggestion to make globadiers a bit scarier when they charging cause they never really scarry when they charge.

Back to the baisc is most hardest deed modifier
I did this few times, it is especially true hard when you do this with chapter boss map
To me, it is much harder than 2 emp deed like no respawn, vanguard and harder better combination

I think it should rewards us at least one emp even though it is 1 modifier only deed

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This has gotten a bit off-topic, but…
Regarding Back to Basic, I think the modifier should leave hero power untouched (600) and just remove the talents and item properties. I think it will be doable then, and still challenging.
Hero power is the base math of the game, and lowering it to minimum is just breaking it

You’re lucky, I want one and would never give it up. It would be a cherished possession for life.

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