Glaive undertuned

Ever since the nerfs of 2.0 to the glaive’s cleaving, it has felt really bad. I understand not wanting to make it cleave through tons of enemies, but as it stands it doesn’t do a whole lot. Its cleave is bad, the damage output is moderate, the heavy swings are long and vulnerable while not doing quite enough for the downsides of these moves, its anti-armor is moderate. You can accomplish a better result in every category by just using Sword & Dagger.

It’d be nice if the glaive had a little more cleave(but not immense amounts) and maybe something to give it a little more oomph.

Just a quickly made video below. You can see just before the dash where the glaive swings back from the right but doesn’t even cleave into the marauder. Even without the density there, it’s just simply not performing to any level that would warrant the use of this weapon. It’s certainly not satisfying to use any more, when it used to be much more satisfying.


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