Buff Single Target Damage of Dual Daggers

When I test the weapon damage on dummies, glaive does significantly more damage than dual weapons now. I think this should be reverted at least for dual daggers. Their 1. strong attack should always deal more damage, than the 2. strong attack from glaive. High single target damage should be the niche for dual daggers.

Glaive is bugged

Displayed or applied damage?

Why should they ? Glaive is remarkably slower than the daggers.

Because every weapon should have its niche. For glaive it should be armor penetration on every attack, for daggers right now its being fast and applying poison. Both can be easily compensated from other weapons. For me, daggers should fulfill the role of highest singe target damage, which would fit the playstyle of shade more. Efficient against single targets, but lowest efficiency against hordes. Right now glaive hits multiple targets, has armor penetration and highest single target damage. Its true, that glaive is slow, but this can easily be compensated with potions and trinkets.

Kerillian has 7 different types of melee weapons, which is together with Markus, the highest number of melee weapons the characters have. When you have so many weapons, they have to be balanced to make actually sense.

Shade with Glaive can 2 shot a Rat ogre

On easy mode.

I think daggers are in a good position. They’re very fast with tons of critical hits, are easy to hit heads with consistently, have a very good dodge and the heavy attacks are a lot easier to pull off over the glaive ones.

I practically 2 shot the rattling fiend on champ yesterday using shadewalk daggers.

I know what you mean, I would also say they are fine, when it comes to light attacks. But heavy attack should do more damage than glaive (or glaive simply less).

I played a lot with daggers, before I tried glaive. But the difference was huge, when you hit bosses with it. I think on dummies the ratio is around 2:3 when it comes to damage on heavy attack between daggers and glaive and you notice that significantly.

The daggers niche is speed and mobility and poison DoT.

Speed & mobility: Dual daggers, dagger and sword, dual swords, spear and eventually one hand sword (haven’t tested it)
Poison: Dual daggers, dagger and sword

Its not really a niche, when there are so many other weapons also good at it. Daggers are the fastest, true, but they are surpassed in cleave and stagger, which leaves them worse of in comparison. At least from my perspective.

They are very strong, but they are weak when it comes to armor penetration, a buff could be giving them a bleed on the heavy attack. The light bleed ticks for 500 on my handmaiden loadout ( dummy ) and could tick 2-300 on armored ?

DnD is true mobility, on every swing as in no slowdowns, SnD you get slowed until the stab.

I know this sounds pedantic, but it’s a bleed and mechanic wise its different. Poison(hagbane) stacks, bleed dont.

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In addition to not stacking dagger’s bleed have another issue, it applies only on light attacks (on both DnD and SnD), so you can’t rely on bleed dealing with armoured targets. it doesn’t apply on heavy attacks and when your light attack deals 0 dmg (hello, armoured guys!) it also doesn’t apply on the target.

You are right, its bleed not poison, I switched it up.

The problem I guess is, my ideal of an assassin. In basically every game, the oneshot damage of an assassin is his signature. He is stealthy and kills single enemies with one hit, but is mostly defenseless in crowds and hordes.
I think this role would be perfect for the daggers, as you dont cleave as much and dont stagger as much, as other weapons. Increasing the single target damage would make you the glass cannon, which most assassins are.

And lets be honest, who thinks of an assassin with a massive glaive, except in JRPGs maybe.

Well then.

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Well, well.


As a rogue player from vanilla, I think giving daggers a damage buff when hitting from behind that puts it above glaive in that scenario makes sense. I can’t find a reason as shade to use daggers over glaive atm.

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