Glaive and Shade ult

I know Shade ult got through a lot of changes at some point because of how strong it was, and I found it to be rightly balance atm.
I was used to stab bosses with my DD and deal nice chunk of damage, etc…
But recently I wanted to go back to my original weapon of choice, Glaive. Why does the downward charged attack deals NO damage at all ? I feels weird cause the dummy in the keep looks like they’re taking heavy damage with it, but the boss simply won’t care of the strike…

Might be a bug. In that case you should probably write a bug report in the bug section of the forum.
Does it actually deal 0 damage? Gotta try that out for myself.

Tested out on modded realm on a Rat Ogre :
On legend, a glaive downward deals 50
A dual dagger deals 2x25, so 50

With ult, a Glaive down deals 156
A dual dagger deals 2x244, so 488

On the dummy in the keep :
Glaive down deals 55, and 184 with ult
Dual dagger deals 2x18, and 6x255 + 2x31 with ult…

(Last 31 didn’t fit in the screen)

It may be a bug on the dummy to have all those damage on the dual daggers tho, but anyway, even a simple 255 is higher than the glaive down strike, that is supposed to have higher base damage than the daggers (55 > 2x18). Even a crit down ult glaive deals 201 damage, less than on dagger ult hit.

@Fatshark_Hedge Can you move this thread to the bug report, or do you prefer me to make a proper formatted post ?

On official realm, glaive down deals 6050 on dummy, 20150 with ult
Dual dagger deals 2x 1850, and an actual mess of numbers on the dummy, seems about 6x 25575 + 2x 3175


The Glaives 2nd charged has a reduced ult multiplier (x2) the 1st charged should deal more dmg.
The normal ult multiplayer is x4 but monsters cap it at x3.

It’s been some time since I last investigated this. Changes may have occurred even dough I didn’t read about any in the patch notes.

Shade ult on monsters - 600hp, no bonuses:

427.5 - Daggers, Sword & Dagger (H2)
379.5 - Spear (H2)
300.5 - Dual Swords
212.5 - Two-Hander - :arrow_left: balanced - :arrow_up: Overpowered
177.5 - Glaive (H1)
161.5 - Sword (H1)

H2 = 2nd heavy attack

1016 ult dmg can be reached with the following monster universal build:
Daggers or Sword & Dagger
40% crit power
10% monster
15% grim talent
20% shrapnel
25% barrage

It’s possible to add off-balance or WHC tag bonus to this.

This was fun to do back when the daggers dealt about 250 dmg without bonuses and that was already borderline op back then.
With only 250 dmg per ult you are already able to kill a monster alone on legend but you will need a purple pot and the extension trait but you will only have about 1 ult margin of error.
The above is in my opinion what should be aimed for with the highest difficulty. So I will most likely be disappointed once winds of magic comes out.

Glaive is bugged baseline, no need to calculate anything with shade ult. Its bugged since BBB along with dualaxes. Crit headshots simply deal less damage on armor than non crits. Then you add the damage nerf with the ult, and you get a shade who wonders why she cant onehit a CW with ult using H2.