Shade Stealth Damage Values

I made a table of all the weapon damage values in the keep for shade’s stealth at 600 power on legend.
Notes: Tested in the keep
Max damage values of weapons like sword and dagger light attack may be difficult to achieve as you have to miss swings in stealth and hit at the right time.
Does not account for backstabs as this was tested in the keep with the dummies.
Tested with no crit power on any weapons.
Numbers may be off by 1 or 2 damage as I didn’t add in anything that would’ve been counted as a decimal in the values I used.

Go to the reddit if you’re looking for some additional info:

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Having to use second power attacks with some weapons is really frustrating. Not only do you have to face away from the target, you can then also have the hit eaten by small enemies.

Having crit applied in Infiltrate feels strange too. You have to get into position to use it, charge your first attack, avoid hitting anything else and then land it on a Rat Ogre or Chaos Fiend that’s running faster than you only to not get a crit.

Meanwhile Pyro with 40% cooldown reduction and a concentration potion says ‘hi’.

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Yeah it can be a bit of a pain having the bosses run away while you try to stab them lol, not to mention trying to time your swings so you hit with the highest damage right as you reach them. Pyro is definitely a little strong right now. She just needs something done about her insane heat removal and the low amount of heat beam staff generates for the damage it does.

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I just meant that while Shade needs to go through effort to get a good ult off, other classes can just spam F and have a more reliable impact.

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Yeah, I just wish that ult wouldn’t pull aggro the second you stab the boss. Kind of makes shade bad at boss killing which her ult is good for. :confused: But for the time being, I don’t particularly care how the other classes perform as long as I’m enjoying what I play.

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IDK, that can be an advantage too. If you have +movement speed and +dodge range on Shade you’re better than most of your team at kiting the boss, so you can stealth backstab it for huge damage, and then kite it around while your team mows it down from range. It’s pretty fun to kite various bosses around with side dodges and stab them in the face between every dodge.

EDIT: This also can be a huge asset in those situations when you’ve got boss + horde at same time. Shade backstabs and agros the boss and kites it around while the team takes care of the horde.

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