Changes to Shade's ult here to stay?

2h Sword was pretty much only usable and fun with Shade, using your ult for maximum cleave while not doing very much damage to elites or bosses.

1h Sword was pretty bad anyway, but usable as shade with ult. It now does barely any damage with the ult.

That is very subjective. For me it’s the second strongest Kerillian melee weapon, after Glaive of course. Yes, you have an objective argument

but it is falty. 2h sword’s charged attack deals cap damage (256), easily one-shotting CWs and wrecking bosses. So it only gets better on Shade, cause Shade can compensate for its biggest weakness - armor damage.

It always did very low damage with shade ult. Shade ult multiplier is based on crit multiplier, and 1h sword has one of the lowest. Btw, you can get +% crit power and increase your ult damage because of this mechanic.

Also I think it’s vice versa: 1h sword is actually great at dealing with elites by itself. It’s biggest weakness is dealing with hordes, and Shade doesn’t help much with that. 5% AS kinda help, but that’s not enough.

On 2h Sword, I meant the playstyle of using ult spam to crowd clear, which was super satisfying, doesn’t feel as good if only the first enemy is hit. I mainly enjoyed this because the light attack hits are all upward strikes, which makes headshots harder to get the closer you are.

The elite killing power wasn’t the point, but I’ll mention that the extended block time that makes you push instead of attacking kills that for me. I would block > charged > repeat to kill elites.

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