I know why cleave was removed from Shade's ult


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Not sure what you mean but I like were it is now in the beta, just not sure what the plan is with the damage cap at the moment

I think J_sat is a streamer who solo’s stuff. So i assume he used shades ult to murder stuff (hazarding a guess)

Maybe a bit more explanation required :stuck_out_tongue:

He was wiping hordes HARD with S&S and shade ultimate. Some impressive stuff. Doubt it had much to do with it though.


Sure, as well as machete nerf and repeater pistol nerf.

OMG, anti-horde weapon with “crowd controll” and “wide sweeps” tags wiping hordes! It defently needs nerf. Nice workm mayflies :rofl:

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If it did have any effect, it was probably because he could wipe elites as if they were trash without thinking.

It’s silly to think they pay that much attention to him. Perhaps they felt it should be used for a single-target (which I don’t agree with) or perhaps it’s just a bug they will resolve (I haven’t heard a dev comment on it yet).

Shade wiping whole waves with ult only really works while soloing with Shade and using a specific build so you can rebuild your ult extremely fast. When other people are also killing a horde, your efficiency is greatly cut down.

No, J_sat likely just happens to be figuring out the things that are extremely good because he plays a lot. While maybe it helps them see trends, it’s not because of him alone. The Falchion and Repeater Pistol WERE, frankly, in need of nerfs.

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But what about things that needs buffs, like EVERY other Victor weapon? An dozens of other characters weapons?

Also I don’t think Repeater was OP in any way, considering it’s range.

Cleave was removed from her ult??

J sat did solo runs, none of that applies to normal games. if you drop aggro in pubs they run off to the next target - they don’t just stand there waiting to be cleaved

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Yep, it was removed, so now you got only 1 hit with dual weapons and you can’t reliably kill random SV with ultie and light weapon swing, you need push stabbing instead.

to clarify - i can’t use charged attack under the ult and get loads of my CD back anymore? I did wonder why i was having trouble killing CW in hordes

No, you can’t. Just place 3-4 dummies one near another in your keep and you’ll see how it works now.

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You were able to kill 3 berserker with one charged attack (SnD) during ulti
If they have removed this, it’s good, that feels OP for me
I’m a Shade main :slight_smile:

Well, uh . . . They did buff the axe, the great sword, and the flail. Probably not enough on the first two, but incremental buffs are pretty common in the way games are balanced, it seems. The Rapier doesn’t need any buffs, being extremely strong as it is. They also buffed the crossbow, didn’t they?

Repeater wasn’t crazily OP, I think, except on BH because of the synergies, but it was an outlier in its total ammo vs damage output and rate of fire. It seems they want it to be more focused in purpose instead of being a gun for every occasion.

Honestly, this change is one of the worst so far. Shade infiltrate cleave wasn’t op in any way. Yeah, you indeed could but you could also easily kill more berserkers using bounty hunter, waystallker, pyromancer, huntsman and even ranger veteran. Shade’s ult was only a little bit above average if you compare it with other classes in terms of being able to kill elites but now is meh.

Speaking about killing bosses, the damage cap removal lead to conc pot glaive massacre. The bosses get deleted in seconds if you use glaive.

Basically with the removal of both cleave and damage cap, there is zero reason to pick any other weapon other than glaive. You can’t kill more than 1 elite from infiltrate and you deal way less damage with any other weapon to bosses.


There is one more little aspect of this change you didn’t say about. With Glaive you have no need to rely on your ultie dealing with elites. You can kill any elite with one heavy combo, if you don’t mess up with HS on second heavy, and you need 2 heavy combos to finish CW w/o ultie or backstab bonus. So for Glaive this nerf still exist bul a lot less noticable then for other Elf’s weapons.

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Thx, I didn’t consider that.

So, I don’t understand this change; Shade is in a good spot in live, why did they waste time with this while the game has a lot of problem?

Shade was pretty underpower before 1.0.5 but now, in live, she is good.
Other careers need some fix, not the shade


Did you read the OP?

Yup, Fatshark balances the game around only him. They ignore every single other player and make the class balance based ONLY on his feedback. They don’t even test the changes themselves.

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