Disappointed over removal of Cloak of Mists unique gameplay

Let me first say straight up: the old Coak of Mists was overtuned. The combination of the extremely short cooldown and four seconds of insta-kills was too strong on the highest difficulties compared to other short cooldown offensive ults. However, I think removing the synergy between CoM and Vanish is absolutely the wrong way to balance the ult.

CoM and vanish gave something unique to shade: actual assassination gameplay. Instead of being yet another frontline melee class with a crit ult (like WHC) shade players could stealth through enemies and decimate them from behind. The tactic wasn’t without risk, as a failure to proc vanish would cause enemies to instantly turn around and slap you from all sides. No other build in Vermintide offered this style of gameplay, and many players found its uniqueness a refreshing change of pace.

As I stated above, I completely agree the old CoM + Vanish was overtuned, but it didn’t deserve to be removed from the game. Decreasing the cooldown reduction on CoM while still allowing the synergy with Vanish would have brought it in line with other kill ults without destroying its unique playstyle. Fatshark said in the patch notes they would be closely monitoring feedback, so I fervently hope they considering alternatives to balancing CoM which still allow for Shade to play like an assassin.

Thank you for continuing to keep Vermintide awesome, and for listening to your playerbase.


This is definitely true. Back before Mist & Vanish existed, Shade was basically entirely railroaded into a pure monster killer by taking Pain Cloak and something like dual daggers. The career needs 1 or 2 more additional playstyles/loudouts.

Although I shed no tears for Mist Shade receiving a light tap. I hope it actually gets nuked and redone entirely.


As much as i am all for it getting nerfed, invisible murder sprees wasnt good balance, i am also against double standards when i am clear minded and this new career…

I agree 100% with everything you said, it was indeed overtuned but removing the assassin playstyle completely is just sad.

I’ve been playing only handmaiden since they nerf they stealth nerf CoM, because if i am to play a standart frontline i preffer something that can help the team a bit more.

Until they rebalance the assassin playstyle of shade i am probably never touching that carrer again, because i don’t like CoP monster killer playstyle.

Please Fatshark… don’t ruin one of the most unique carrers in the game .

CoM was definitely overtuned and I agree that removing the guaranteed crit on the first attack is the wrong way of nerfing it.
I also dont think that removing the guaranteed crit after first attack on CoP is warranted or fun to play.
So please devs revert the changes on CoP and find another way to nerf CoM because it needs it.


I have never run cloak of mists but somehow my playstyle also frequently involves cloaking to a back line and slaying my way back with vanish.

She gets a pretty decent backstab multiplier, and dual daggers penetrate armor well. I feel like this still works.

Maybe I am out of touch.

And after the Shade nerf, see how this new Sister performs. Powercreep isn’t anything new but nerfing the old one and launching the new one that outperforms everything else… interesting decision.

I see what you’re getting at, but past experience eg outcast engineer shows that this is most likely accidental rather than malicious. FS just isn’t great at balancing, no need to read sinister motives into this. They simply don’t understand how their game operates on higher difficulty levels nearly as well as a lot of their player base. That’s not meant to be a slight btw, just an observation.

Shade got banned from the recent tourney even in its “bugged” state. No career, not even the new “might aswell ride a dragon, that spits fire and death” Thorns lady will be strong enough to get that treatment. 27 cd invis that adds infinite killing power for four seconds is silly and it was silly from the very start.

There is no way to balance that without taking it completly apart. Fun, or not fun. No career should be able to take apart everything at any difficulty without the need of team mates and no danger to ever get busted.

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I do not know what made you think that I have read sinister motive behind devs, but I didn’t. What you’ve said above is exactly what I think, and I am merely complaining about the result.

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I’ll have to disagree, yet our opinions on this new lady are too early to be anywhere objective. I believe time will tell.

Ah fair. Describing it as an interesting “decision” suggested to me you thought it was intentional. My bad.

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What a stupid way of nerfing CoM. Typical Fatshark way of completely destroying a unique and fun build. Also why nerf CoP? This talent was already some what inferior to Grail Knight’s ult and with this nerf it is definitely far worse now. REVERSE THE STUPID NERF!!!

While they are at it why not nerf Grail Knight, WHC, Ranger Vet and BW, all are very busted on Cata+ difficulties.

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Grail Knight ult can kill like 4 plague monks with the sweep at best, not different from the trueshot volley burning head or lock and loaded only its melee instead of ranged. You can kill a Cata SV patrol with CoM and a fast attacking weapon and swift slaying (which the elf doesn’t lack). Not even comparable, they do different things. CoM slaughters all non CW enemies in the game wholesale with light attacks, Blessed Blade only has one attack per use without the follow up stab.

Pssssst. Reread their post, they were referring to cloak of pain with that comparison, not CoM.

Nice try, but most Cata + players put Mist Shade in entirely her own tier for good reason. BW is the closest to being comparable, but none of them were on the same level as Mist Shade before this nerf. The nerf was absolutely justified, albeit poorly executed.