Shade - Cloak of Mist rework suggestions


So, Cloak of Mist was “nerfed”, but I feel in a bad way. It’s really strange that the first hit after exiting stealth is weaker than the few next. We all know it was OP before the nerf, and it still is to an extent, because it allows insane amount of damages on both hordes, elites and bosses. Here are a few different ideas on how to rework Cloak of Mist:

  1. “Infiltrate no longer gives bonus damage. The next melee attack is a guaranteed critical strike. Upon exiting stealth, backstabs make the next melee attack a guaranteed critical strike for X seconds.”
    This keeps the obvious combo with the Vanish talent, and keeps the great damage potential on all targets (hordes, elites, bosses) but at the condition that the Shade is careful in her placement. Fail a backstab and you lose your streak (with a chance to get back into it).
  2. “Infiltrate no longer gives bonus damage. Backstabs instantly slay man-sized enemies (they do not need to be a critical strike anymore) for X seconds.”
    Very similar to the first suggestion, but removes damage potential against bosses, Chaos Warriors and Wargors.
  3. “Infiltrate no longer gives bonus damage. Upon exiting stealth, heavy attacks (including one that would break Infiltrate) are guaranteed critical strike for X seconds.”

I’m not much more inspired for more suggestions, but I think the important part really is that the first attack should not be weaker than the subsequent ones.