Flamethrower has cleave?

The Drakecannon for Ironbreaker now has cleave? I’m not sure if that’s intentional or not, but it’s pretty damn awful. It will only burn/hit a number of enemies while the rest will walk right through it without taking damage of any kind.


I noticed this on the flamewave staff too. If a horde was big enough then a lot of them would get through and hit me… definitely needs to be changed back. That was the only real strength of these weapons!

Sadly makes it unusable at the moment.

great news maybe people will stop using that aweful stat padder and pick up something helpful


i know is visual killer, a steal withe hp weapon, corner camp, and so on and on… and tbh i never play it and i never will.
but is in game and making it awful makes no sense, at least they need to remove it :smiley:

You not liking the gun doesn’t really change the fact it’s buggy. You should probably make a thread in general discussion areas if you want to talk about that kind of stuff.

Yeah, the weapon is seriously useless right now. It was fun to use, as lone as it wasn’t in hands of some trigger happy friendly fire addict…

Does this happen as both client and host and in particular against any type or density of foes?

It happened to me as both the host and a client, yes.
Basically when horde comes and I shoot them with the gun most enemies jut ran through it like it was nothing. It’s still perfectly fine killing single enemies or really small groups, but it’s useless against bigger groups or hordes…

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