Dual sword needs nerf

dont need to say so much :smiley:

I don’t see the complaint in the video, whats wrong with them? Looks fine to me.



It’s not apparent from the video, though easily visible once you look for it… Watch the purple bar at the bottom of the screen. it goes from empty to full.

I also did not see it when I watched the video the first time.

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2x swords is pretty damn strong on the waywatcher and shade because they have talents / inherent traits that can buff crit chance. It’s probably weakest on the HM since she’s not really a crit class. Personally think spear is the ideal weapon for HM with 2x swords being the go to choice for WW and shade now

I’m not really sure why this discussion is in this forum as we appear to be discussing BETA issues.

There are several issues in the live game right now Ammo regen and cooldown reduction that need to be addressed, and there are several places where I think they are going the wrong way or too far. For instance ranged damage does not seem to be the issue to me but rather the ability to spam it without concern. The beam staff would be better addressed by removing proc on touch to proc on second and perhaps subsequent ticks. be that 2/3/4/5… or 2/4/6/8 or 2/5/8/11 or even 2/5/6/7… but then perhaps the only way to fix this stuff is sweeping changes.

While that’s all personal opinion, I look forwards to seeing the changes and how they progress.

I am a little alarmed at how extensive the changes appear to be at this point, I’d almost expect changes this drastic to be saved for a “vermintide 3”.

Personally I am happy that dual swords finally feel good against hordes especially, I’ve tried many times to use them with the shade before the beta and It never felt satisfying, charged attack was almoast useless against armored, it was just a poor alternative to daggers. Overpowered now? Maybe, but so it was a Handmaiden with a spear using only Push follow attack on hordes with 75% stamina regen and yet nobody complained about it.

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Nobody complained before? Now they are http://forums.fatsharkgames.com/t/kerillians-spear-why/28318

They are playing Handmaiden…

The handmaiden dash/bleed effect is soooo underrated it’s not funny. She’s one of my favorite characters to play, and already one of the hardest to kill. The swords used like this would also always have a shade ult up, same with a waywatcher… Specifically Using the swords as shown the handmaiden would never be visible to enemies, which I would guess is far from what Fatshark desires and far from what anyone should want.

Then again I’m not really drawing much of a conclusion about the video beyond “It’s the purple bar he’s talking about.”

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Today’s tests led me to the elf, and yes, the Dual Swords feel ridiculous. They’re mostly fine, with attacks passing armor (no, not piercing, but cleave doesn’t stop there) helping with mixed hordes and the heavy attack boosts being a clear help on handling armor. Nothing too bad for now.

But the light attacks’ crit buffs are the ridiculous part. I didn’t even try the worst potential abuse (Handmaiden’s Gift of Ladrielle or Shade’s Infiltrate), but played with Waystalker. The trick is, I very actively used Hagbane Bow, falling back to melee only when I was in danger of running out of ammo or the enemies got too close, and kept up my ammo solely by Kurnous’s Blessing. And I could do it easily. I did run out once, in the dark when I didn’t pay attention and knew there was an ammo box coming soon. Otherwise, I spammed arrows almost as much as I normally do, and could still keep it up, solely by abusing the crits and Resourceful Combatant. So yeah, they’re ridiculously high, especially together with the high cleave, fast attacks and now armor not stopping its attacks. Anything with extremely high crit rate can be abused in this game, and all the aforementioned attributes make this abuse worse.

And this thread still belongs to the Beta section of the forums, as it concerns beta changes exclusively.

You can kinda do that now, I run CRD reduction on crit DS when I play shade, but its not broken or anything, the bar is just moving fast in the video cause HM with CDR is 20s or less for your active to be up.

People have been using this set up or similar for a long time with speed runs, since 3s stealth no longer breaks the game, its better to run any set of DW weapons to hit spam CRD and take CRD reduction on HM ulti so its always up. This has been exploitable for a long time.

It takes about 5s in melee. I don’t know but maybe you didn’t equip dual swords or forgot resourceful on them there is no way you could have overseen it otherwise.
This together with the fact that you can cleave through armored targets makes even the hardest deed runs quite easy.

Is this PTR?

Nvm, I see the “beta” comment, I havent played shade on Beta I was talking about Live because this forum is for Live content. :confused:


Post here http://forums.fatsharkgames.com/c/BalanceBeta
That way devs can see it and make the proper fixes, this does seem over tuned.

Ah yes
Now I get your point live is quite fine with only 10% on every light attack.
His video is clearly from the beta dough and he should really move this to the correct part of the forum.

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Yeah my beta time has been eaten up with Kruber, have to make sure his careers work smooth, where as my friend has focused on Elf.

A point I also made in my earlier posts. I’m glad someone is reading :slight_smile:

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