Give an axe to Markus Kruber

If huntsman/mercenary with get a dual Shillelaghs and perhaps some sort of Bolas for control/ensnaring it would be midrange (+ dps capability ? ) would be my premiere choice

“lorewise / historical” context it would fit those both 2 classes really well ( leaving footknight “in the cold” again :stuck_out_tongue: )

(give zealot a whip to not only punish heretics but become a true marter/flagellant, unchained —> chainwhip weapons deeeeuh :stuck_out_tongue: and Bardin an ol’ trusty Tankard of Bugman’s finest brew … :smiley: )

<3 shillelagh <3 mine is almost completed ( only need some Magpie blood so it would be made the "old fashion way :stuck_out_tongue: )


Personally I use halberd on FK on legend, and it feels quite strong. Push attacks deal great elite damage, first light attack is decent against hordes and with the push gives attack speed talent, I don’t really have problems with it’s speed. Although I don’t know how well it holds up in Cataclysm.

About ranged weapons, I’ve long hoped for a lever action rifle for kruber, that reloads like BoP for saltz. Deals the damage the repeating rifle deals(but slower), and handles like krubs handgun, but faster (right click to zoom). No idea if this is remotely lore friendly

More about halberd. It really needs an improvements on animation. At the very least the moving animation of it should be. Holding the very end of the shaft looks weird while walking around with it. Slatz’s billhook also has a same problem with walking animation. Kerillian’s spears is very good example for these.

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I have to take some of this back after testing the halbert some more today, it feels sluggish without all attack speed talents and swift slaying. I’d say the overhead push attack combo is fine (again, playing on legend), but the first light sweep should come out a bit faster. Maybe reduce the movement speed penalty during attacks, and remove the 5% dodge penalty for sure.


Can someone tell me what happened to the Halberd? It was, for a while, considered an S-tier weapon but right now it’s not.

I used to halberd main, but after people told me it wasn’t as good anymore I switched to other weapons … and I immediately performed better. Crazy.

In games I’m really, really, really bored of always using swords which is why I want to use it but it’s just not as good as the few other options.

It’s good if you build around it, for example: fk attack speed talents or merc dodge talent + 20% speed increase. Yes there are way better melee options, but halberd isn’t a bad weapon, still does insane damage.

If you are a og halberd user and know all the combo’s, still good and alot of fun in quick play. But unfortunately spear and exe sword etc are just easier to use and also better in most cases, so yea

Halberd can’t stagger. Nothing. In 2.0 gameplay, this has destroyed the weapon.
Halberd should be a versatile weapon… But it can’t stagger. It’s slow as fu** (they nerfed it in the past). It’s only good vs armors and it has a good DPS…

But, at this point, Exe Sword is just better: more damage vs armors. Better vs hordes (also because Halberd’s moveset is really clunky). Better control.

The problem is not Exe Sword (indeed it has disadvantages too… like bad mobility, bad survivability, slow pacing).
Halberd should be buffed. Better agility for sure… And then a LITTLE bit of more stagger.
Even if, rework its moveset, would be the best thing.


Its moveset is fine, tweaks to heavy 1 or mobility sure i don’t mind, but changing it’s moveset is not needed at all.


Honestly, light > block cancel combo, seems to me very, very boring… I could even say painful for my fingers.

I would prefer overhead, sweep (current light 1), overhead, sweep.

You could not do the “cheesy” block cancel anymore… And it would be the perfect balance between damage and stagger (like Halberd should be).

Now… The last part is just a personal idea, I haven’t even thought about it too much… But seriously, at least to me, the block cancel combo seems to me unnecessarily unnatural.

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The combo is also severely overrated in my opinion. I prefer to just spam light attacks for horde clear than do that, it’s probably only marginally worse.
What I’d much rather they do is actually improve the heavy sweep, give it heavy linesman since right now it’s useless and gets completely nullified by a single shield or elite, and the light sweep should be able to hit more than one shield as well.

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Combo’s are what make a weapon fun to use for me personally. Even if you don’t use the block cancel, just spamming light is still good enough, like rebel said. There are many other weapons that are fun because they have alot of combo’s or efficient ways, yet you could still spam them normally if your lazy. Exe sword on the other hand is just spam light on hordes, heavy on elites. really not intresting or hard to get used to. This is why billhook or hally is such fun, for me. Changing a weapons moveset so just spamming light on hordes and heavies on elites is the best way and you can’t minmax it anymore is not a good way and really unfun.

@Rebel @anon75893681 ye, don’t get me wrong: when I use Halberd, to clear horde, I prefer use the light combo… anyway:

Do you mean the sweep from the heavy combo? Because I have still to think about it… but I would really like to see the tank properties on light1.

Halberd’s light 1 and Exe’s light attacks have a very similar value of damage, cleave and stagger… but not only every Exe’s attack is a sweep (this means more dps and control vs hordes, because they hit more enemies)… they (Exe’s light attacks) have tank property too (wich means even more efficiency vs horde).
If Halberd’s light 1 had tank property, the weapon would shine again.

In this way Exe would still be better vs hordes… but Halberd could “defend itself” in that sector… thing that would be precious, since Halberd should be a versatile weapon.

If we add a better mobility, like I was saying before, it would become a balanced and super fun weapon.

p.s ye, I guess the heavy combo too would need something like heavy linesman… but I have still to think about that.

I agree, I love those weapons that offer more options… and where you have to find “your favourite combo”.

the halberd was once good before its attack speed was reduced. in any case, it is no longer enough. someone suggested the ability of the axe to open shields or attract opponents, understand that this function is extremely useless, and you will have to pay for it with the overall efficiency of the axe. better just a similar one-handed axe as a fanatic or dwarf ( also possible two-handed, better than nothing).

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