Getting hit while airborne

Its just an unfun mechanic without any countermeasure outside of “not getting knocked back”. Which isnt always an option.
Just had another nurgloth fight go south cause I was knocked back and all the adds hit me while in air.
Sure it makes sense from a realistic point of view. But from a gameplay point of view its just an annoying mechanic. And sometimes (like nurgloth) avoiding the knockback isnt an option.


Is this about not being able to avoid knockback, or about getting hit while knocked back?

If you get hit while knocked back or stunned, but you can avoid it then i don’t see a problem.

If there really is no possible way to avoid getting knocked back, then its annoying and needs changing.

I agree, this is a serious problem… and it becomes pretty evident vs Nurgloth and its knock back.

Someone could say “It’s enough dodge the attack that makes you fly”, but this breaks a Vermintide’s mechanics:

Attacks can be divided in two categories: “hard damage but easy to avoid” and “light damage but hard to avoid”.

A simple example: Chaos Warrior’s overhead one-kills you, but it’s easy to dodge. Chaos Warrior’s punch doesn’t hurt, but it’s hard to dodge.

When Nurgloth swings its chained scythe, it’s very hard to dodge (long range, high mobility, tigh arena)… indeed, scythe itself, does a very little damage and it can be easily blocked.

This confirms the quoted “rule”… BUT here starts the problem. Scythe makes you fly… and it can start a chain during wich a player dies without escape (to land on eruption’s damage, enemies attack you while in airborne)… all this happens if you get hit also one only time by the scythe… but we have seen that a “very-difficulty-to-dodge-attack” should not have fatal consequences… otherwise the game’s difficulty becomes aritificial and unfair.


There isnt a big difference for me. I dont see why you should be punished twice for a knockback you didnt evade even if you could (even though that is just the minor of the two problems). Why would you punish someone twice for a mistake. If you get hit by an avoidable knockback you are punished once for getting knocked back. Possibly dead when you do it so bad that you get knocked off the map. Even if you dont die instantly you are out of position, might trigger ambients you havent before or just knocked into the mix of enemies. Getting hit while youre still in the air and not being able to do anything about it is punishing you twice for the same mistake.
And even if a knockback is avoidable in theory the situation might result in a knockback being unavoidable.
But it cleary is to much when its unavoidable knockbacks like nurgloth.

If FS were to remove damage while airborne then that would lead to people abusing the system and bunny hopping everywhere with complete immunity and if they were to remove the knockback then the fight would be less fun. I’m not sure if there is a simple solution to this one.

Other option would be to remove adds during this phase but again, it’s reducing the complexity of the fight which I wouldnt personally enjoy. Perhaps allowing you to block while airborne is a reasonable solution? To be honest, I assumed this was something we could already do but I dont know for sure and you mention that you cant do anything about the hits while airborne.

There is an in-game difference between ‘bunny-hopping’ (while still retaining the ability to use your weapons) and being knocked off your feet (when you can do nothing).

I want to add, that if you’re fortunate enough to be caught in a blight storm under some kind of a roof or a catwalk, you’ll never be thrown out of the storm, continue to take damage, and that nearby CW will certainly help you with an overhead attack which you cannot do anything about, but that will still register.

During my time in VT2, I’ve even been caught by an assassin while flying backwards from a troll hit.

I too have experienced the dreaded infinite storm juggle. With the storms I can understand not being able to block as you are being buffeted around but I wouldnt be against giving us the ability to block after being knocked back by attacks.

I understand that. However, although CWs are not affected by the storm as they are too heavy to be lobbed around, seeing them land accurate heavy hits on a person who is being whirred around in this un-washing machine is equally ridiculous to be hones. It’s just a kick in the nuts - rare, but always to the point.

Fair point. We may be getting off track as the original post was about Nurgloth but I agree that it would be rather difficult for a CW to be able to hit a flailing storm victim. It would be pretty low on my list of things to change though as it happens so rarely.

Yeah and it was low on everyone’s list until the Nurgloth fight came around. Now this mechanic accounts for like 80% of defeats on that map.

What I’m saying is preventing enemies from targeting heroes who are flying in the air does not look stupid, does not open any exploits and on top of that it makes sense and makes the Nurgloth fight a bit more manageable.

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