Troll knockback overtuned?

I´ve just encountered a Troll in engines of war, in the area before the old watchtower. The knockback of his attacks was, frankly, ridiculous. Despite standing in the middle of that are the Troll knocked me with a single across the entire plateau and a fair share out of bounds. Similar things happened to other players, a few had enough luck to be flung against a wall or catch onto the ledge before falling down, but for me, it was instant death. I´m talking about Skyrim giant levels of knockback here, just horizontally instead of vertically.

I´ve only encountered this once so far, so I´m not saying the devs should instantly jump into action, but I´m putting the question out there at other players if something like this happened to them as well.

For me, that’s just the one thing the troll can do.

Yes, i’ve encountered that behaviour a lot in my games. Being hurled like a cannonball is quite hilarious to me everytime it happens (as i know i should’ve known better). It’s his favourite move, so staying away from any kind of ledge, especially if you would happen between it and the troll, is the one thing to care around him (and proper dodging, but that goes for all bosses). Also, every kind of downward slope behind you should be avoided, try to fight downhill when possible.

He is the slowest moving boss with the slowest attacks, and quite vulnerable to being trashed (get him fast enough down so that he regenerates, and if you have one or two ults or bombs after he gets up and have all 4 damage him, he is done). So giving him an attack to make him at least the strongest phisically, an attack that really punishes bad placement, is balanced imo.

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If you are flying when boss hits you (you jumped in a spawn 4hit combo) you ll be knocked much fyrther if you stay on the ground. So first, check that. And on uneven terrain sometimes knockback from boss attacks count you as flying. So find flat area))) Also, remember to uninstall

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