Bile Trolls with Absurd Knockback (Fort Brachsenbrücke)

The screenshots don’t particularly help, but I’ll try to describe the situation as best I can.

After dropping down the cliff right after the second tome (where all the upturned and burning carts are), we’re in the flat riverside area where if you head to the upper left you can get the first grimoire, and when you get to the end, you cross the river on a bridge made of scrambled trees. In this area, we get a boss spawn, nothing new or out of the ordinary. It’s a Bile Troll. This Bile Troll in one hit (its right-handed slap) knocks me around I would guess 200-300 feet away in one hit. Clearly something was not working as intended. During this knockback, I hit the ground, and instead of stopping, bounce off of it and continue flying in the same direction with no loss of momentum. I bounce off the ground again before I go soaring into the river, nearly hitting the bank on the other side. I hit the water and die immediately, goodbye tome. Right after this, our Bounty Hunter is hit by the same right-handed slap, and as well goes flying head over heels into the river. When we both respawn at the far end of this riverside bank (right next the scrambled tree bridge), I am hit by this slap again, and nearly go flying the entire length of this riverside bank area, though luckily I don’t fall in the river again. I took screenshots of the distance of this second hit to try to illustrate how far it was, and to hopefully see if this is a bug, or if I’ve just never noticed how far these things can hit people.

This is approximately where I was hit from (you can barely make out the tree bridge to Saltzspyre’s immediate right). The troll was standing right in front of that tree.

This is where I landed. The first time I was hit, I flew about this far, but bounced off the ground. This time I did not.

Without moving, but facing the other direction, this is me looking back to where I was hit from. I can’t even see where I started, the spot is hidden in fog. Running back to the troll took me around 12-15 seconds at normal running speed.

Is this just me? Or this absurd knockback? I’m pretty sure bouncing off the ground like a stone skipping across water is not how this is suppossed to work at the very least.

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Happens from time to time but used to be a lot more common every attack that trows you can cause it.
Slayer jump used do trigger something very similar as well at times.

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