Enemies immune to shove/stagger/knockdown while climbing

So, yeah, basically, when enemies climb up a ledge, they are immune to being pushed, shoved or knocked down, even by class abilities like Footknight charge. I was just wondering whether or not this was intentional? Because it would be really awesome if could defend a ledge by just shoving the enemies down and watching them fall flat on their faces, or even ragdoll, or shoot them into the distance with a class ability while they´re not grounded. Currently they just absorb everything and until their animation is finished, which is kinda lame.

So is this intentional?

It’s an intentional design choice, because it’d be a bit OP if you could simply push enemies off ledges while they’re climbing up to get you. You can still kill them while they’re climbing though.

I think fighting(meat grinding)climbing enemy’s is already easy enough… just my opinion

But I think pushing them off would be more fun :smiley: Why not reward good positioning a bit more?

Also, it looks bit silly if an enemy completely absorbs n attack that should send them flying simply because they havent finished gettinmg up from the ledge yet.

If you find that “too easy”… dont do it, then?

It is already being rewarded by lowering their mass and making it easier to cleave them while climbing up. That is your reward and it is adequate considering how effortless the positioning is in situations like these.

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That still is less fun than sending them flying. Also, I refuse your “game is already too easy” argument. If you want the game to be harder, there are certainly better things to balance around. Im pretty sure you can still have your hardcore experience while I could have my fun of blasting a Chaos Warrior off a cliff.

Well, if that dude can jump and climb in that armor they way he does, you prolly won’t be sending him flying from a ledge either.
Otherwise, you can push them back down, you just have to time it well.
Also they are in maximum state of stagger, so you’re rewarded with the max damage bonus for your positioning.

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Who needs more info about it? This is well known stuff.

If it’s not a bug, then tag that way. This thing is old as the game itself, like you cannot damage the troll when he’s standing up from the regen state, like for 2 seconds shades wasting their ults, because the troll doesnt move. yea, gets no damage as well. it healed itself, and that’s it. if it’s intended, then add the glowing stuff to the troll like to Halescourge when the blabla phase begins.

By the way this climbing thing is very annoying, that you need to calculate your attack’s timinig, because if you hit them just before their animation would end, they are still immune to any stagger/push and it seems they finished the climbing animation, BUT they didnt and you got hit during your push animation.

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