Less damage to climbing enemies?!

I noticed that climbing enemies seem to get less damage. You need more hits to kill them even if you are headshotting them.
If it’s not just my impression, why is good positioning punished?

Probably because its cheese?

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I’m not sure I’ve noticed a reduced damage towards enemies who are climbing; are you sure it takes more swings? I might just be sitting at slightly above my breakpoints but I haven’t noticed any of my foes surviving any longer for having been on a wall.

Using a ledge to your advantage can be good positioning, but it’s only really good positioning for melee-specials and hordes. I’d rather have space to maneuver against the vast majority of my foes, IMHO.

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Yes because you can end the map standing on a ledge to wait your enemies… lol :smirk:

Edit: Let me get this straight, you’re killing enemies for free and complaining that it’s not easy enough?

It probably only looks that way because so many enemies of the same type are stacking on the same spot using the same animation at the same time. You can kill 6 or 10 or 20 of them and there will be another 20 identical foes still there, in the same spot, looking for all the world like nothing died, with the exception of the corpses falling below them.


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