Cannot push climbing enemies

Pushing climbing enemies seems to yield little to no result. They don’t get fall off, get staggered, stop climbing. They just casually climb up and proceed to throw a fast jab as soon as they’re done despite getting pushed twice over.

Here’s some ideas you could play with:

  • pushing detaches enemies from climbing surface making them fall
  • pushing stops/slows climbing for the duration of the knockdown
  • pushing tires climbing enemies forcing them into a recovery animation after scaling the surface

Always been the case since v1 and they will not change because if they would implement what you want, standing at an edge makes horde(and other enemies like pats) even more trivialized.

It currently does absolutely nothing and because of that it’s very unintuitive. Let me give you an example: You’re used to enemies staggering when you push them; Enter ratman Bob who is at the last frame of his climb animation, which renders him immune to push effects. Pushing him does not what you expect it to do (send him flying back) and instead he attacks you dealing damage right after. This is a case of bad user experience, because the interaction does not work as you’d expect.

Also showing doing something does not that it trivializes ledge fighting (eg. in the case it does very little and attacking is still more useful 100% of the time). The op never said how strong shove vs climbing enemies should be or how it should work, just that it should do something and gave ideas what it could do.

Adding options to players: eg. flee, shove or fight adds depth to the game play because the player has more ways to approach each situation making it harder to determine which is the optimal one. Optimally there would be no “go to” solution and each option had its best moments.

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I know. It also annoys me to get hit from some rats which didnt get stagger.
I am not sure but i think that staggering a climbing enemy was possible in the early stages of v1(didnt play right from the start), but someone has to confirm it.
I think shields can stagger them( have to try again).
Ok slowing the animation could be a possibility.

i can imagine the repercussions of this.

-me screaming because a horde takes 5x longer because my other 3 teammates are pushing things off a cliff rather than killing them-

I think the AI is just too dumb to be pushed down.

Let’s be reasonable. If they were just a little smarter they wouldn’t slowly climb and lose 80% of their fighting power because of a ledge. At a minimum they would go like Assassins Creed and throw something at you.

A little more and they would pull you down instead of climbing. You are standing in an unsafe ledge, right?

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