Climbing enemies bodyblocking

It is so annoying to be completely prevented from moving by an enemy climbing a ledge. Can’t even jump over them.
Could the hitbox for climbing enemies be at least half height so that jumping over them is an option ?


And they don’t seem to get staggered…

Contrary to how they look like,they’re actually considered as “staggered” and you do deal extra damage to them afaik

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Maybe they get the damage, but they attack as if they were fresh out of their beds.

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Yes they are in second stagger level damage-wise.

To clarify the super annoying bit : sometimes I’m stuck and can’t move when on platforms close to ledges (I’m talking, for example, about the bridge to the canon lever in Righteous Stand, or the wooden scaffold when going out of the barn of Against the Grain, just before the third tome) even though there is no enemy there.
The problem is that the collision hitbox for climbing enemies is there before they actually end the animation, so I can’t move even though there is nothing there. Can’t move, can’t dodge, can’t jump, can’t push them : I can only suffer that overhead from that lone SV and it is SO frustrating…

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