Getting hit shouldn't prevent your block input

After you’re hit from an enemy, your block input is ignored (same way as attack inputs) for a short duration (maybe 0.1s).

This results in chain-hits from enemies, most often seen from:

  • chaos spawn or ogre 3 hit combo. If you get hit at the start of it, you’re guaranteed to recieve one-two more hits, unless lucky.

  • horde, most often chaos hordes (due to very fast standing attacks). Make one mistake - be near hyperdensity and recieve one hit, and that’s it, get 3-4 more hits in a quick chain afterwards.

It feels a bit unfair: after you’re hit once, you can’t dodge (moveslow), and can’t do the most basic sort of defence - blocking. It’s frustrating when you know you can react to subsequent hits, but the game punishes you regardless.


It’s a part of a broader problem: if you’re holding RMB while you get hit, the game “forgets” you’re holding RMB so you need to release it and press it again.

Weapon switch input also gets ignored when getting hit. I think weapon switching input should ALWAYS register, even though the switching action might get delayed by taking damage.


Yeah, weapon switch should always be the highest priority. It’s not even realistic or immersive to have it any other way, who in their right mind is gonna try to notch an arrow and draw it whilst getting stabbed repeatedly, it just feels like control being taken away from the player.

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