Get ideas out of your system thread

You know they won’t make it into the game, you know you might be the only one who thinks they’re cool, but you want to share them nonetheless, if only to get them out of your system - post any and all your crazy(or not) ideas for the game - Maps, game modes, weapons, classes, races, enemies, UI, music - anything goes!

Note: I wanted to share a map idea with a specific game mechanic - I know all the “against” arguments, but it’s just stuck in my head.

Post if you’re in a similar situations, don’t make this a meme dump or a “who’s got the dumbest idea” contest,ok?Pretty please?


Ever since VT1 I wanted a map that forces you to more or less rush- like waterfront in VT1, but with a big,linear map instead of a relatively small “arena”.

Something like - the heroes have to make a run for it after setting a fuse in a series of gunpowder/firearm storage buildings in Nuln, where they have a set amount of time to get through a building + street before it explodes.

Or maybe the Heroes are being chased by a cluster of hordes because reasons - with small to medium groups of rats/chaos spawning at a fast & steady rate on top of regular horde spawns, bosses and ambient rats.

Something that would keep the action going from start to finish, like the finale on “supply & demand” in VT1 - constantly keeping you on your toes and giving you lots of action that wouldn’t be confined to “take up defensive position and slash away”, but would let players do fun skirmishes on the move - where they’d have to choose between positioning, progression through the level and skavenging(no,it’s not a typo,it’s a pun.Sorry for that). This would allow for more explosive/oil barrels scattered through the level, maybe more “platforms with stones” traps(I hate how they’re basically ambient,useless gimmicks on all the maps- I tried to use them many times, but there’s far to little of them to make them anything more than extremely situational and unreliable), some other environment “traps” would be cool as well. Set a limited amount of ammo boxes on the level, like - ONE in the middle of the map so ranged spam doesn’t completely trivialize the thing and you’ve got yourself a very fresh experience.

ah,it feels good to have it off my chest. Though sadface we’ll never get something like that.


Is bad luck protection mad enough?

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no,it’s more meme’y.

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I’d love to see a special multiplayer VS mode where one player can BECOME the AI director and control enemy spawns, and heck maybe even control enemy behavior somewhat. The Director player would get more of a top-down RTS style view, zoom around and set spawn points, order units around, etc.

You could balance it by giving the Director player some kind of points or resources, that they have to spend on spawn points / spawn counts. Basically when the hero players do well, kill things, heal, etc. then the Director gets points they can use to f*** over the heroes. If the heroes are half dead and limping along the Director player won’t have as many points to work with.

I forget the name of it but many moons ago there was a mod for Half Life 2 that was basically this, team of survivors playing FPS zombie shooter with one player controlling the zombie hordes. It was a crazy fun game and I could see a similar thing being a blast for Vermintide.


There was even a zombie game like that some years ago. Yeah,that’d be sweet.

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‘Damage reduction after heal’ Neck Trait becomes ‘damage reduction while carryinga a Tome’. Or something along those lines.

New Charm Trait: while carrying a Grimoire your ‘x’ is increased by ‘x’, but you recieve 10-30% less healing.

This would get rid of a useless trait and make books and builds a little more interesting. Maybe with the Grim ones being more about offense seeing as it’s always the tankiest careers which end up carrying them.

Second idea has probably been said before, but remove the ‘Power VS Berserkers’ stat. Not sure what could replace it though. :sweat_smile:

Power VS Sackrats? :flushed: :rat::moneybag:


Eh they could just remove it, does anyone actually use it anyway?! Even the least-used careers and weapons have someone that will come out of the woodwork to defend them on here, I haven’t seen anyone yet that cares about power vs berserkers. Heck they could make it plus 100% power vs berserkers and even then I doubt anyone would bother.

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True. There’s always the possibility for more fun additions though.

Power VS Heads?
Power VS Doors?
Power VS Teammates?


Power vs Doors FTW


Power vs hordes?(cleave basically)

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Oooh. That could work. Even increased armour pen by a tiny amount could make some weapons work better too. May be too strong for others though.

I’d love to see a map that mostly takes place inside a cart similar to the one you escape in in the first game. It would have the loophole windows, and an ammo chest inside, while Doomflayers and Doomwheels roll up alongside, bringings waves of Skaven that jump over onto your vehicle. Players can climb up on the roof to fight them, and there’s a usable skorpion/ballista up there in case someone doesn’t have a ranged weapon. The idea is that you have to go through various set piece waves, balancing using ranged to destroy the vehicles bringing in enemies and killing the enemies that jump on board your vehicle to keep from being overwhelmed.

It would actually work similarly to the boat ride in Death on the Reik, but you’d have to balance ranged and melee instead of just destroying anchors and melee.


Sounds a bit like the Reik river mission in VT1, only problem I have with it is so little space. I’d love it if it took place in a massive, prototype steam tank or something,where you’d have to defend the hatches, throw out barrels, load cannons etc.


Yeah, the lack of space - and that really no land vehicle in that part of the world would give a lot of space - would be the biggest issue.

I had this idea long ago when I realized how fun it was to shoot out the loopholes on the escape cart in VT1, but it would be difficult to make very fun and more than just . . . a shooting gallery.

…horseback combat on the other hand… :slight_smile:

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A roaming battle, basically a moving city defense in a semi pre -defined area that becomes smaller everytime you fail, which determines pressure. The battle would be against the larger warhammer enemies like hellpit abomination and would encompass mini objectives and objectives that all serve to give you advantages towards the coming end. Then you have either the option of intentionally luring the hellpit abomination into remaining part of the city to kill it or to slay it before it has a chance to wreck more than half the city. It’d be an indirect fight with cannons and enemies come in waves kinda like bossfight meets last stand.

You wouldn’t directly engage the hellpit abomination and not having the right mini objectives in place if you do fail and it comes in leads to messy deaths death space style… Then again it might be too horror genre for some people. You can then try and escape to remaining parts of the map for a total of four chances or so. Think of it as getting grabbed by the chaos spawn but worse.


My favorite idea from VT1 was include one level where everyone has a randomized spawn on one of a few paths, completely separated, and eventually they converge before the first 1/3 of the level is done. Somehow the Ubersreik Five were ambushed, and left isolated on seperate parts of a riverbank, and had to work their way inland to each other.

Yes, I know:

  • It’s a teamwork-focused game, but the brief 5 minute solo challenge would be refreshing
  • Obviously you’d want no books spawns before the point everyone regroups
  • You’d have to have reduced special spawns to prevent frequent double/triple disabling specials
  • First spawn point would be at the regroup point

I thought it’d be a unique opportunity to flex your solo muscles, where 2 of 4 could die without major consequence, and the group could still recover and meet up early in the level. There’s always the possibility all four go down, but it’s the start of the level, and quick to retry.


This would be super cool, it could also be implemented mid-level, something like a 4-way fork in the path where the heroes need to split up and all hit various buttons at the same time type of thing. Might be kinda dicey to communicate though if people aren’t on voice comms.

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you mean like QTE’s? eeeeewwwww.

but this

would be nice, but I’d rather each class gets a personalized arena challenge , sort of like the personalized illusions in The Wizard’s tower. - only with special model/skin enemies as well as environment. Like, a Tzeentch trial or something.