Generic Lord for the Chaos Waste?

Could there be a way to include “Generic” Lord to the Chaos Waste,

Some level already have an arena point so maybe those can be revamped/modified to let different Lords partake in the fight:

  • Skaven Chieftain based on Skarrik Spinemanglr

  • Skaven Grey Apprentice based on Rasknitt (Without Deathrattler), maybe he would be conducting a ritual to avoid him having to move too much

  • Chaos Sorcerer based on either Nurgloth or Burblespue

  • Chaos Warrior based on the Gate Keeper (So that he also transform)

Other wise they could be Chaos Waste mirages, and each would get a few lines where they are confused and don’t understand how they are still alive/fighting after their death at the hand of the U5

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It might be interesting to add some variation to the arenas, but it should be done sparingly.
A chaos warrior in the blood dome seems appropriate, mind you.

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