General questions: new to the game

During a few solo run throughs, trying to understand how the game mechanics work.

How do you collect purple dust?
Do you need DLC to make purple dust
Do you get purple dust by grinding certain stuff

Loot chest boxes:
Is it better to stack up look boxes and wait till your max level then open it
Does opening a loot box matter what level your at or what difficulty your on

Is it better to just grind something into a weapon and then just re-roll properties to something you like

If I run a solo on Veteran, I am usually able to complete the run with most and usually with all bonuses at the end.
Does the game become slightly harder when you play with others? Or is it just pure RNG with enemies
or does it take the highest Character in the group and makes the enemies much more difficult to deal with?
I have beaten the first two stages on Champion difficulty solo run. But when I tried it again, the game became strangely really difficult. solo or with friends. Just seemed really odd.


That is the enemy-spawn treat of Vermintide :smiley: sometimes a run will go over rather easily, sometimes they can become a very hard up-hill battle. Others will make the game easier; the bots are incredible at shooting but are poor decision makers when it comes to saving teammates/themselves.

Once your weapons start capping out at the power max of 300, I’d recommend finding 1-3 weapons you like and set them up with your favorite properties; crafting takes a lot of time (and it’s something we’ve let the devs know about pretty frequently) but can make you have a very comfortable weapon kit.

I always opened my boxes ASAP to try to get to maximum power as fast as I could. Other people saved them for more opportunities at Veteran weapons/trinkets. Both work and neither matters enough to make anyone panic :slight_smile:

Purple dust? There’s Green, Blue, Orange, and Red dust in the game currently. Are you talking about the purple, glowing weapons some people online might have? Those folks have the Bögenhafen DLC and it allows them to do a weekly quest for cosmetic items; the weapon cosmetics for that DLC tend to have a purple glow.

Welcome to the community, by the way :slight_smile:


I second ^

If it’s the purple illusion (weapon skins) you mean then you need to own the Bögenhafen DLC and complete weekly missions for Bögenhafen chests. Blue, green, orange and red dust will only be gained from dismantling equipment of the same colour.

I would say open it. Veteran+ will net you gear up to 300 power (current max level). Character level has an effect on the quality of the gear inside boxes.

I crafted the weapons I wanted to try out. Don’t worry about properties and traits until you’re at 300 gear power level though. Don’t reroll green or blue weapons, since if you upgrade them the stats will change completely. If you upgrade an orange weapon (to red) the properties will remain but will be maxed out.

RNG but also how well you perform. Game director adjust depending on how you handle the stuff thrown at you. Also certain maps have areas with an almost guaranteed difficulty spikes (like The War Camp beginning).

  • If you’re looking to group up for select or harder content, don’t be afraid to try out the discords!

I don’t know if it still works like this. But back in the day, your highest level gear would decide the hero power of your next chest items. So always equip the highest hero power item when you open a new chest. Even if you don’t want to use it, switch back after.


ok, cool. thanks for all the information. It does truly narrow down a lot of my questions about the game. looking forward to next dlc. Probably pick up the dlc and the other stuff when it comes out.
hoping it comes out with like a dlc bundle.

when I mentioned PURPLE dust, it’s in the crafting section, i believe that is for upgrading your weapon.
So I guess I have to get all the DLC then to maximize the gear. Which I am ok with since I enjoy the game.

I’ll try to keep that in mind when am opening chests to insert my highest tier gear on before I open a box.

I’ve kept like a stack of 20ish boxes and usually open 1 or 2 when I get to the next level.

the only thing that was kind of a let down was finishing the last stage map and there was no like ending credits. Would of been nice to see a short skit of something.

just out of curiosity, once you hit level 30, what’s the common max power I should try attempting to obtain.

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The game saves your current highest power gear separate from what you have equipped. So if you get up to 300 on one character and swap to a lvl1 and open chests you will get up to 300 power gear despite having power 5 stuff equipeed.

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You’ll get 300 power from being level 30 (10 power per level) and then items go all the way up to 300 power as well; with all 300 power gear you will end up with 600 power and that is the current maximum. When your gear score hits 300, you’ll still be able to pull anything from 290 to 300, so you’ll still get some non-optimal gear (free crafting materials, I guess).

I’ll go check for purple dust to confirm what you’re seeing, but I’m fairly sure there is none.

Last stage of the original campaign is an exciting one… I feel like it’s best summarized with the anniversary event.

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Ahhh ok, thats really nice that its not complete RNG garbage thank god.

Now that we got all the simple questions out of the way.

Properties of weapons / armor gear
I understand that you shouldn’t re-coll on green or blue
what is the typical max property, I’ve heard a friend say it was like 32 or something around that number. If that is incorrect, what is the max potential of maxed out property

As for equipping armor. Since my friends and I will always pick up tomes and grimes what would be most efficient gear loadout besides having the best weapon equipped.
Like I understand that curse resistance helps negate health lost when picking up those grimes reducing health lost.

The thing about rerolling green or blue items (and to an extent, oranges too) is that as soon as you get an item of equal Power with better quality, that item is obsolete. Oranges, with their Traits, are viable for a longer time and when you reach full 300 Power, can be used for a long time indeed. Quite a few experienced player argue that rerolling oranges significantly is a waste of time (and materials) too, but that’s more of a personal opinion.

The maximum values for Properties differ by the particular Property. Curse Resistance can go to 33% (I think), Block Range and Block cost reduction at least go to 30%, Crit Power and Health (and possibly a few others, don’t remember them all) go up to 20%, Damage Resistances and Power vs. Properties go to 10%, and attack Speed and Crit chance go up to 5%. Two special cases are Stamina, which is either 1 or 2 (½ or 1 shield, respectively) and Movement Speed which is static at 5%. At least on PC, you can check the tooltip descriptions of the Properties to see the value ranges, including for any that I didn’t mention.

Stacking Crit Chance and picking Swift Slaying as a Trait on melee weapon is a simple option, and effective on (nearly) everything. On ranged, choosing a Trait to help your ammo conservation is probably the safest choice. You shouldn’t really worry about the Traits and specific setups until you’ve reached full item Power, though.

The only nearly must-have choices (at least later on, and even those aren’t completely compulsory) are Health on Necklace, and Curse Resistance on Trinket. Everything else is just about what you’re most comfortable with, and the time spent raising your gear Power is time well spent familiarising yourself with the different weapons too.


It’s definitely worthwhile rerolling oranges if you’re going for something in particular. E.g. necklace with health + x combination or 30-33 curse resistance with something else you find useful. Rerolling the trait is even more worthwhile. How much time you spend on it will probably be decided by what difficulty you play and if you’re going for breakpoints or certain synergies.

I couldn’t find an updated list. provides a good alternative if you want to check out the basics. The properties that can be rolled on different pieces of gear should be correct and so should the numbers displayed. It doesn’t filter out traits that can’t be used on certain characters though and some of the traits have changed since verminbuilds last update.

Don’t worry about it until Winds of Magic is released AND you find out what you enjoy playing :slight_smile:

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Hi, this is an updated web


thanks, =)

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