Gear Trait Re-Rolling; Vermintide 1 VS Vermintide 2

So one thing that seems a step backwards in the loot system compared to Vermintide 1 is the Trait Re-Roll. While I LOVE the new system [3 items per mission, a box for each level up, only getting stuff for that character] I miss being able to re-roll a trait independently of another. In Vermintide 1 we could select the trait we wanted to Re-roll while keeping the other trait. A lot of my weapons have the perfect trait in the 1st line [Call it the Green Trait] but the 2nd line could be better [Call it the Blue Trait] - Why can’t we isolate the one we want to keep, lock it in, and re-roll the Green or Blue trait as required?


Totally agree

Not only that sir, upgrading your weapon will re roll ALL the blue traits, make it look really strange.

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Can you tell us something on this topic please, @Fatshark_Hedge? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this! I posted this kinda thinking some people might just slap me away for wanting everything easy, but it was basically the one GREAT thing with loot in V1… and now it’s gone?

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V1’s crafting system is near perfect. It guaranteed that no matter what, every run, you could use everything you got to improve your current gear. You actually -earned- progression instead of it being purely lottery-based.


This new system, IMHO, is a way to “force” us to play more… but ruins the game; it’s impossibile to try new builds, or take 100% from every careers.

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