Vermintide 2 Itemization vs Vermintide 1

Am I the only one who misses accessing unique traits on green and blue weapons? Obviously the removal of multiple traits on orange items cuts out a lot of the RNG of getting an orange with the perfect traits, (except technically, stamina, reduced stamina on block, extra damage vs unit types still exist) which is good. I guess I just have some nostalgia with green and blue weapons being exciting during the early part of Vermintide 1 and the rarity difference feeling more substantial.

As of right now, I personally feel that the only time I won’t give up an item to another of a higher power level is if the item in question is an orange item, and rarity makes little difference from white-blue territory, and it can make the journey to orange itemization a bit of a slog.

I’m not sure how to fix it without making it too much of an overhaul, but an idea I had is that similar to trinkets in Vermintide 1. In Vermintide 1, trinket rarity affected the potency of a bonus, so maybe similar to that, a blue item rolls a orange trait at half efficacy (grenades have 25% area, crits bring back 1 ammo or reduce ability cooldown by 1%, etc. ) and green items can roll two non-orange traits instead of just one (to smooth progression from green to blue).

I understand the reasoning behind the changed Vermintide 2 made, and I also understand that many trait functions were actually moved to character level traits (any life gain, targeteer, master crafted), indirectly integrated into power (ammo penetration (?), devastating blow), or traits in the weapons already, so bringing back multiple traits isn’t necessarily wanted or even warranted. I just want lower rarity items to be more exciting.