When are we going to just suck it up and steal Diablo 3's loot system?

I mean come on, guys, this is ridiculous. I just blew through fifty-five (55!!!) blue/green rolls to get some traits even remotely good for my bow, and then I blazed through FIFTEEN orange rolls and got the EXACT same trait every time. Fifteen! How is that a good system?! Give me options. Let me lock the traits that I like. Do anything to make re-rolling traits something that doesn’t make me want to put my fist through a wall. Please, please change this crap, guys, because I just blew through half of my trait re-rolling stores and my head is about to explode. And I can’t just upgrade my weapons into oranges anymore because I spent all of my scrap (180) trying to craft a new bow. I didn’t get a single orange. This is absurd.


You do realize that you could have crafted an orange bow from a blue for 50 scrap right? Also, why waste all of your materials for the perfect roll? That’s for end game, when you’re swimming in mats. Aside from green dust.



I did end up crafting an orange out of a blue. I am at the endgame. I wasn’t trying to get “the perfect roll” - I was trying to get something other than +8% damage to Berserkers, +7% damage to Skaven. But that’s cool, just dismiss my criticism out of hand. Because the loot system is obviously so good and I’m the only one who complains about it.


I feel you. I was re-rolling properties on my red halberd to get crit chance and attack speed and behold 40 rolls later I still didn’t get that combination. I wish it was like the old VT1 system where you re-roll each property individually and can also increase the % on those properties once you get them.


If you got the same trait 15 times in a row, then there is probably something off with the math in the game (unless you didn’t and just said so in here to make a point ; )

If you pretend there are only 4 traits in total - for the sake of argument here - and that you get any combo of 2 of the traits each time, then getting one of them 15 times in a row has a chance of 0,003 percent to happen. Meaning it happens 3 times in 100 000 attempts…


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Honestly, the only gripe I have with rerolling is the shortage of green dust. Other than that, I have 1000+ scrap, 300 green dust, 800 blue and 300 orange. And I don’t even play that much. I’ve been able to get “close enough” to all the rolls I’ve wanted. Little tip: skill is more important than stats in this game. Good players could clear Legend in 300 whites. Just sayin.


Honestly mass ad hominem is no better than the alleged disposition of the people you are accusing. Trolls, apologists, white knights, these are terms people only use when it suites them. People tend to think their own opinion is very reasonable, very very reasonable, the most reasonable. Some folks take it to the extent that their uninformed and mostly emotionally based opinion MUST be superior to other people’s.

It’s ok to have confidence in your opinions, but when you cross the line to directly attacking other people with subjective accusations all you are showing is a lack of confidence in your opinions. Also the post I quoted is on the razor’s edge of being flag worthy as it is basically just one large personal attack to unnamed people…maybe you’re not getting flagged for no reason?

Rely on the strength of your arguments, not the sharpness of your tongue.


yeah @TUGRA, what Ralathar said.

Don’t be a mean little boy

@snowdrop I got the same trait fifteen times in a row. I wasn’t spicing that up for effect. I understand that such a thing is highly unlikely, which is why it made me angry enough to make this post in the first place.

@Anointedone, if gear wasn’t a big deal then it wouldn’t be in the game. I didn’t make a post about losing a hundred games in a row so dis gaym mus be bad hurdurrr!!!1 I understand the necessity of skill in a skill-based game. My complaint is with the loot system, which is flawed. Not as deeply as V1’s, but still.


Had it happen to me too like 8 times in a row.

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They need to get this crappy loot system sorted pronto.

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Its not like there are that many stats to roll that you need anyways…

Health is a must, Curse reduction is a must (if you arent a premade group with the intention of not getting grims, but then again why wouldnt you), crit and maybe CDR, thats it, aside from special careers like BH needing crit power.
The 5% MS are negligible if you dont have a talent with MS in your kit aswell, because like 10% dodge in talents, it didnt do anything, but atleast devs recognized that and upped those talents to 20% so you can actually dodge backwards now without getting hit.

This doesn’t mean what you think it means. A low probability of it happening doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t happen to him. It means that it WILL happen to SOMEONE, and he just happened to be that someone. There are hundreds of thousands of attempts to reroll properties every day. SOMEONE is going to reroll the same thing 15 times. While others will get exactly what they want on the first roll.

It is the same with loot drops, which is why increasing the drop rate isn’t a real fix. You will still have people who never open reds after hundreds of chests, just fewer people than before. Just a basic RNG system for loot drops really is the worst loot system and guarantees a lot of strife in your community because some will get no loot and some will get tons of loot and just over half of the players will actually get the real average drop rate Fatshark intended.


This doesn’t mean what you think it means. A low probability of it happening doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t happen to him. It means that it WILL happen to SOMEONE,

No, I actually agree with you: It means exactly that 3 cases would happen on average in 100 000 attempts. So yeah, of those total amount of cases it could happen to 1, 2 or 3 people. Since these are averages there might be cases with a 100 000-batch that have plenty of anomalies in them also.

Alternative explanation
What just strikes me, and what makes all these probabilities even more hard to grasp, is that I assumed that each trait has the same chance to be picked when it is randomized which ones are actually picked. Fatshark could, in theory, have made it so that it is:

*20% for A to be selected for the item.
*20% for B to be selected…
*25% for C…
*35% for D…

Hence, something like that where the different traits are weighted differently could easily explain why he got the same one 15 times in a row. Suddenly it wouldn’t be as far fetched as 3 in 100 000 (and in reality it is way more far fetched since there are more than the 4 traits I used in my example…) Maybe he was aiming for A, but he got D again and again since the probability behind the scenes is unknown to us(? or is it, I haven’t checked it out…)