Game Too Easy

Sorry for being the party pooper but…
does anyone else feels the game suddenly became too easy?

First of all, the power creep is insane.
Secondly, it’s easy to tell which builds are far superior than others.
In some cases it feels like you had a brainstorming session where everyone threw some super overpowered “cool” ideas and we added all of them to the game.

As a result my experience so far is this;
Just run as fast as possible and one-shot everything before others do.
Hordes evaporate before they can stack up.
No more speccing into horde-clear or special-pickup like Patch 12.
No more rewarding feeling of cleaving through a sea of mobs or taking care of specials for your team.
There’s no sea. All there is is emptiness. Void spaces which you rush to fill with your presence before others do.
There’s no strategy there’s no real team play or synergy.
Everyone is a GOD (or almost everyone)



Missions seem a little empty…

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The first few games (Auric STG) I did were with the newly buffed Evis and pretty traditional Zealot build (Stun, TDR aura, CtW) but I picked up the Crit Keystone.

It was absolutely ridiculous. Even in events I was just running around chopping up stuff, basically 0 difficult.

8-10 shotgun team? Chop-Chop!
Gunline? Chop-Chop!
Eliteblob? Chop-Chop!
Any special? Chop-Chop!

Had a knife Zealot with me in one of the games doing the same but faster.

There were times when the game threw so many specials at us during a horde I couldn’t see the screen from all the effects, but light-spam wins!

I also managed to just keep hitting a chaos spawn while it was agroed to me and it couldn’t take my Toughness below 90% it regenerated so fast. Took like 10 health damages in total.


Installed and went into the game just to see how badly they botched this. Did a no-brain toughness/health build on Ogryn with taunt(barely even read the passives) - I kited and tanked a DH for about two minutes(alone, my team was oblivious or mb wanted to “punish” me for triggering DH’s).
In another game I saw a zealot delete literally 75% of DH and other mini bosses health in a single hit.

The novelty of being superpowered will wear off VERY quickly, and then all you’re left with is a zero challenge clickfest.

Mobs are made of wet paper, specials are made of wet cardboard, bosses are made of wet plaster and they all deal laughable damage.(I picked a teammate up while being battered by a bunch of trash, two maulers and three berserkers and they never even chewed trough my 150 toughness…and I have 550 health)

If I can win an auric no-lights Damnation game while just rushing into everything, then I see it as a problem.

Looks like FS got fed up with all the bashing on how they released an unfinished buggy mess and implemented a juicy talent tree just so they could urinate on it with difficulty gimping. What a joke.

After playing five Damnation matches and clearing them all while basically trolling I can wholeheartedly agree with you.


AI Director is currently buggy atm, hence no heavy hordes even on Auric. You’ll have to wait for a hotfix in regards to the low/inconsistent spawn rates.


I hadn’t had this issue in my games, got hordes that were normal-sized (for auric), although I’ve seen the other thread about some issues for others. In any case, my game screen was flooded with stuff more than before that’s for certain.

See, I did have some screen-filling hordes. I was surrounded by trash and elites and I just left clicked with my club and threw stones at trash mobs for shitz and giggles. They could make the hordes two times denser and it wouldn’t matter with the low damage they deal. Knowing FS though, they might have just botched in in a way where you get sedition enemies on damnation difficulty. I don’t mind enemies being less bullet spongey, but I do mind having god mode on, and this is what it feels like.

Nerf the overall difficulty of the game.
Nerf Veteran into the ground
Buff the hell out of every other class.


Ye, the Evis changes are massive. Looking at the damage table, the Vanguard attacks do as much as the Strikedown attacks - coupled with headshot priority, you sweep through everything. Interestingly enough, the damage profile for light Vanguard attacks is slightly better than heavy Vanguard (247/350/350/419 vs 247/321/321/370 to unarmored).

After a few Damnation runs (varying intensity), enemy density for the most part was significantly down.

Hopefully we’ll see some adjustments to the director and some tweaking of the numbers over the coming days/weeks.

I played just a few runs as vet with squad leader build (central branch) using 1h chainsword and mg12/kantrael shotgun and it was stronger then sharpshooter in previous patch. Takes 1 headshot/1 heavy shred to kill almost any special and some elites. I suppose with sharpshooter branch you can oneshot Nurgle himself. 2 abilities for nades regen is kek, can spam krak nades braindeadly, ogryn in my team got his absurdly strong nuke quite often from my aura. Psyker’s dome is a must have it feels, trivialise encounters and can be spammed (haven’t tried myself tho), psychic shards looks quite strong too from my observation. Overall it’s even hard to say what was strong and what wasn’t cause it’s just like in mmo with shittones of abilities spam.

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The heck ya’ll smoking, I’ve been getting deleted all day long. Entire matches feel like the team is drowning in a neverending stream of chaff and specials/elites.


bro, this is so accurate that it made me laugh.

I’m sorry if you play veteran. I haven’t tried it yet but vets are now obsolete in every run I played as a zealot and a psyker.
Asail psyker is ridiculously OP to the point that I really don’t understand how this build went through 450 hours of testing and no-one said anything
Crit zealot one taps everything with light attacks while getting his combat ability back every 10 secs xD ok, ok, i lied, muties are two-tapped xD



only time I ever came close to death was because Auric Damnation Hi-Int STG is so easy that I am taking too many risks while my brain is going “poxwalker” mode

p.s. and still i didnt die, lol

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What are you smoking, hallucinating all these enemies?! :joy:

I haven’t had a round yet with consistent difficulty. Played Aegis Station earlier where the area after the Skylink spawned a tougher horde of enemies than the finale, and that finale is normally pretty hectic since it was revamped.

They said they buffed enemies to try and keep up with the players, but I can’t notice it at all. They definitely need to do another pass, it feels like playing Dibalo 3, a mindless blend-a-thon. On the upside it seems like every class is overpowered, so all they’d have to do is buff the enemies to match.

i think someone posted this in the Bugs and it was acknowledged

its a bug with the spawn manager causing issues with enemies spawning.

If you’re on vet, it’s because vet sucks now. If you spec into survivability, you lose a ton of damage potential. If you spec into melee, you’re a bad zealot. If you spec into ranged, you’re squishy as hell. If you spec into support, you’re mostly useless because the other classes roll over everything without needing any help.


Nvm, you guys are right about the weird spawn rates. I’ve been doing Maelstrom all day. Just did an auric STG, and I can see what you guys are talking about. Maelstrom is fine though, spawn rates are downright brutal atm, the director actively forces you to push forward and just kills you if you stay in one spot too long.

TBF, my latency has been horrendous all day, so I’m not sure how much of the dying has been due to that vs the vet changes. Also, I have noticed that my ranged DPS goes underground whenever I play anything other than executioners stance. Although I have been enjoying voice of command + revolver or helbore, I’ve managed to do relatively well with those.

I reported this in the bug section, it got acknowledged.
I assume something broke the spawning, so we aren’t fighting the actual usual enemy force now, but less than half of it or something.
Hordes don’t come in much or at all. Specials come in ordinarily, but Elite squads do so rarely.

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Game too easy?
Increase difficulty level.
Still too easy?
Stop playing with friends start PUGging.
Still too easy?
Start PUGging with toxic mofos who steal your pickups and play solo in general.