Did I get soft or did the game get harder?

I’m unsure if my skills have regressed dramatically or if things legitimately got harder in game. I play with my wife & we had been walking through champion with ease (with books) & finished a few legend missions before the last patch.

She decided to play shade & needed to practice backstabbing so I ran low level toons through on veteran for a week or so till she felt comfortable again for champion. Before the dlc we would succeed 90% of the time, even if it was only us alive. Now we’re wiping more than half of our games. 6 quickplays in the last 2 days have netted 2 wins, and one of those I turned private so we only had bots with us.

It feels like there are more enemies of all types, and hordes are bringing more people than before. On skittergate the adds have been an issue that seemed so simple before. Last night on festering ground the final tunnel opened and within 20 seconds 3 party members went from full health to dead from the newly spawned adds (chaff, assassin, fire rat, monks). In another instance a horde dropped down to us & I have always been able to cut through them by spam light attacks, but now they suddenly hit back.

I’m trying to figure out if something changed in the game or if I actually got worse as a player. I always try to learn what went wrong, but in almost every situation now it feels like a flood of enemies that can not be overcome.

There were some unintended changes in the hordes (and possibly others spawns with those) in 1.2, but I think your own playing got worse too.

You’ve likely relaxed a bit on lower difficulties, letting enemies hit your more as it doesn’t do as much harm, gotten used to the lower spawn rates and so on. Just keep doing Champ for a while, or if you want to try something different, pick a simple Deed to attempt, something that forces you to sharpen up. I think HBFS, The Vanguard, Sudden Death, Send in the Next Wave and/or Seek and Destroy could be good conditions to force you to pay attention. It doesn’t really whether you succeed or fail on those Deed runs, the purpose is to play on a bit higher level than you usually do, to lift your attention back to where it should be.

I (together with my friends) did this a while ago, albeit unintentionally. But even after failing a certain Deed a few times, our regular runs went much smoother again.

Ah I like that idea of running some deeds. I’ve developed a stock pile & the modifiers would certinely force improvement.

I don’t get hit too often but when I do it seems to result in losing a vast portion of life. Like 80% gone from a couple slave rats behind me. Running deeds will force us to be more strategic, which we’ve probably gotten lax in.

it’s just a guess, but is it possible that increasing weapons power, also increased the mobs ones?
(It’s an out of the ass idea I got right now, don’t take it as if I read it somewhere)

I get the feeling I get bopped by bosses a bit more often now, and it hurts more when I do get clipped. Roger and Spawn being the most frequent examples.

A lot of people rather say the game’s gotten easier. Mostly on Legend, at least.
Keep in mind that enemies deal a lot more damage when alone (Yes, there’s actually a mechanic for that - rats become weaker in groups).
And, as posted above, the ghost hit issue.
Sometimes, you just don’t hit, even though you should have. Then you get a return strike.

skaven hordes on legend are super dense tho, cant cleave with 2 handed hammer half time

for me personally its not the issue, but have seen enough players dying during ambush

Ya know that could be an issue too that I hadn’t yet experienced. Initially I played kruber with a halberd, then changed to sienna dagger, and now trying out sienna mace.

I think I got used to halberd cutting through everything, and then the cc of dagger spam when needed. The mace can’t power through and entire pile of rats so easily.

I’d actually like most enemies to have slightly more mass - but still some weapons are worse against dense hordes than others.
With the mace, you gain AP and head hit potential, and actually pretty decent CC, at the cost of not burning as many rats, as fast.

Yeah I love the tradeoffs of equipment in this game. The nuanced aspects of each gives depth.

I think this was a case of me degrading in skill after walking through veteran with my wife. This weekend I finally started to turn it around, increasing success rates, and making several clutch plays. There are still some crazy spawn moments (posted a video of one), but now that I have my head on straight I can usually overcome it.

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