Game pacing seems off after crafting patch

Maybe I just need to git gud, but I ran some level 2’s with my friends and even they said it was crazy. Constant elites, over and over again. It felt like a 3 or 4. It wasn’t fun anymore, just ended up tired and needing a break.

Anybody else getting absolutely hammered by the game director?

Just did the ammunition mission on Malice and it was crazy. But in a good super tough way.

I was with three lvl 30, two psykers, one ogryn, playing zealot (lvl 17) and I did my part.
Mouse and keyboard took a beating tough ^^
But we made it so it was doable.
One instance has been surprising with a tsunami of pox walkers, ogryns (two or three I believe), ragers, etc. They were filling the large rooms entirely. We thought we were done.
The ending phase was waves after waves, no room to breathe. Snipers, bombers, trappers, etc.

38 minutes - 2164 kills.

I know it can go cocaine swimming pool crazy on Malice sometimes and this one was glorious.
I’m not sure if I’d like it to be changed but I need to physically rest now ^^ Loved it.