72 hour feedback


holy sh ive spent 3 whole days in this game , time to take a break to pontifiacte!

My zeolot is 30 , the other 3 all played to 15-20 think ive seen about all the wepons, play mostly on malice

Like the new combat a lot , the changes to the way enemies have mass take real space and dont stack the lack of skating and the tracking feels a lot fairer makes it much more dynamic the old dodge spam replaced with a more whack a mole style that can really see you go through crowds with some efficiency and speed and v2 dodge circling reserved to last ditch panic mode

love the weight system well what its let you do with the power of some weapons , yeah im looking at you mr Boltgun

ok the ass kissin out the way …

Coherancy- dont really notice it or care if im in it or not
this ties into something core were supposeed to stick together, but secondary missions have people off solo searching every dark corner and crevice and now we have crafting components to split up and search for, bit contrary.
there some talents and blessings that require kills it would make the game a bit more team oriented if they worked if anyone gets them in coherancy

Penances and comsemtics being rewarded for playing either badly or stupidly and sometimes both. . great thanks why? why not on milestones or good play? now i see someone with a cosmetic and i think thers one to avoid.

sound and as i have seen no one else complain about this im wondering if im alone here. but the presence of spawn alarms , agro growls and general audio ques seem very hit and miss , there seems to be no warnig on snipers, trapers , bombers but there is on bursters and muties.
is this intended?

also the your about to be hit by something you cant see noise is absent for me , i believe thats bug ?

Contracts, materials , curios all character not account bound? please reconsider!

Global conditions . phoned in place holders i hope? these need to be fun they need to alter gampelay or offer a differnet challenge prefereably something that has a bonus and a negative all these current ones do is add tedium

Mission objectives. massive variance in both time and difficulty the mobile ones (load the cryo rods and ammo being the two obvious ones far rougher as people get seperated. assasination is the opposite end throw a heal under the boss and just nuke him down. they need some adjusting.

drops are more fun than shop, the end game loot aquisiton cycle should not be logging in to check the shop periodically im assuming this is a beta issue? i hope so.

a bit on each class.

Vet - Great its got it all , the feats, aura blitz iconics all good the weapon selections fantastic , only complaint is they seem to have the best of both the ranged suite, recon(they go BRRRRRR), bolt, plas, mk 8, omg they all just win. and they have fantastic melee inc imo the best current the power sword. but thats an issue of other underbeforming.

psyker- i just dont care sorry sienna bored me in V2 and this guys feels very copy paste.

Ogryn- good iconics, good feats decent ability aura, and the blitz well he has one.
hes a great bully love the stagger and cc, his problems are two fold. he has terrible weapon selection
seriously , a knife, the other knife a stick or a stick with a plank… the ranged not much better 1 bad shotgun, 2 bad grenade launchers (they dont do the damage bu they do spread mobs out to make them hard to deal with) and then 3 ways of throwing lead down range and not hit anythign , woop
secondly hes just too slow , the shield and stick the heavy attacks just too slow you are going to eat hits all over the place, witht he shield out crawling slowly towards a las scab… it gets frustrating.

Preacher - one i expected to be my main. good blits impracticle ult and iconics that really dont do anything the feats… well i had been trying out builds last night went to feed my dog came back did half a dozen runs then realized i didnt have charges of chastise up , yeah been playing all that time and hadnt noticed i had no feats selected. and that says it all.
the ability might be better when it returns full toughness. but generally im finding it most useful to use it into a wall or to run away to get a instant shot of sustain. sure it can get you into trouble but you dont have the tools to hang there. weakest of all classes by a long way , but i guess you disagree as you gutted thier talents even further today. maybe i just dont get it /shrug.

3 unique melee weapons.

heavy sword -its like the normal sword but less. … havent spent long on it maybe im missing something but /yawn

Eviscrerator- hmm chefs kiss , high ceiling you have to work a lot harder than most to get stuff done but capable and good against all.

Power hammer- had to wait to 30 to get my first and what a disapointment , yeah that charged attack… but it takes ages to prime lasts half as long as the power sword (which can do 3 heavy attacks per charge) and this is a problem for all melee to a degree you hit the first hit box in the path of the swing , not the elite you are aiming at. and the power hummer comes with a self stun so yeah.
awseom to chastise to a lone elite and deliver a massive charged smack. but you can only do that to a lone enemy … and theres many ways to deal with one enemy. but you charge a pack with that charged your going to hit one dreg then stand there stunned getting your ass beat.
but props to the sound and feel

Las scabs they are the game they are the danger and the difficulty everything comes down to the tools you have to deal with them . if you tone this down and i think you will can i suggest you do it a way that reinforces coherance. and have thier damage lowered by a % for each in coherancy . also make coherancy endure for time after leaving range. as charging often takes you out of it.

ok read it or not im done !

good job FS

Coherency matters a lot on Damnation, and Hersey, a single shotgunner will instantly deplete your toughness for example.

These are pretty annoying and cheesable, I dont really want to do my final vet ones, since it would essentially amount to cheating, but its the same strat everyone else is using. Snoozefest.