Tuning required

Anybody else feels that the hordes and elites need a little tuning on the infinite horde modifier? I know it’s supposed to increase them, but every time my squad ques up malice or higher mission with infinite hordes, it is a nightmare. The first area has 12+ elites, massive quantities of ranged attackers (Ogryn Main with slab shield cause without it, the higher-level missions are awful), and a huge amount of fodder. The fodder isn’t a problem, but the elites become problematic as usually, it is Reapers and Gunners, teamed with Crushers, Bulwarks, or legions of Ragers. Literally had a mission where two of my team were captured, and this was the assassination mission where you have to jump down into the church pews, and we were stuck there for an additional 35 mins as it was me and a vet versus 11 gunners, 2 reapers, a crusher, and a small horde of ranged scabs. Our saving grace was the team members were in the area, and the map kept sending a mutant, trapper, flamer combo at the vet and I, so we were getting ammo for the kills. This made a malice mission that shoulda have taken like 20ish mins, and turned into over an hour. Also, the fewer hordes don’t seem to work. When we have tried doing it (penance hunting), we have way more hordes and elites than playing unmodified. Is anyone experiencing this?

Also, yet to play the other classes much in the pre-order, I read the classes were nerfed, but the Ogryn feels HEAVY nerfed. I seem to take more damage from the closed beta, deal way less damage, my cooldown feels longer (yes, I know the perk but unless you have the infinite horde modifier, it does not do much) and unless you have a shield, forget it cause it can actually block ranged attacks and do damage to armored boys. The ranged weapons are fun though, my Ogryn brain loves, but also feel they should hit just a little harder, nothing crazy, just a shotgun, or grenade launcher of that size would hit much harder, but that isn’t a big issue.

Lastly, love the game, hope everyone else is enjoying as much as me and my friends. Can’t wait for the release to get all of the goodies.