Game Security Violation Detected #00000001

Hello! Hope you can help. I played V2 a lot until two months before the DLC’s launch, and i had no problem. Then i began to play again some weeks ago and this problem showed.
So, about 50% of the time i launch the game through Steam, it doesn’t start. Then, if i hit the “play” button again, the game initial screen appears (that with the mod-official-option selections), but it is frozen, i can’t interact with it in any way, i can’t eliminate it, there are no visible process in the task manager to stop and it stays on desktop like that, forever.
The only way i can remove it and try to restart the game is by restart the pc, and then the message “vermintide 2.exe Game Security Violation Detected #00000001” always appears.
Sometimes it does this problem even two times in a row, and it is becoming very frustrating. I read various topics about this but i can’t find a solution, i don’t have any RGB led, my drivers are up to date, but above all the game was perfect when i was playing it some months ago. Could you help? Thanks.


Hi! This error indicates something running on your PC is considered ‘suspicious’ by Easy Anti-Cheat. Are any other errors displayed, referencing any particular DLLs or executables?

So he’s having the same issue as me, exactly the same issue. This only started with the current beta patch for me…

Thanks for the reply! No, there are no messages, only the “Game security ecc ecc” that always appears when i restart the pc. I don’t use mod for Vermintide 2, nor cheats of any sort.
My pc i old (i5 3750k, gtx 970, Win10, Avira free antivirus), but when i manage to start the game it runs very well and never crashes. The problem is only at the start.
The only thing i have installed while i wasn’t playing Vermintide 2 is Bluestack, an android emulator, to use some apps on the PC. Don’t know if this can help.

I have this as well…

Think we might of found the problem xDDDDD

Just wanna say that i repaired the easy anti cheat, and now the game starts normally, never had the problem anymore. So, it could be the solution at the problem, thank you :slight_smile:

How did you do… I have the same troubles than you, but i only have installed Security system for my computer. did you re downloaded the EAC?

i am not going to uninstall my security progs [^^]

I just followed this indication:
“You might need to simply repair Easy Anti-Cheat, perhaps it’s having a bad time! This can be done via the EasyAntiCheat_Setup executable located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Warhammer Vermintide 2\installers\EasyAntiCheat”

And it works, for now. Otherwise, do you have bluestacks or other android emulators installed? Because it appears that people with this problem have this thing in common, they have installed android emulators (me too, bluestacks). In that case, try to remove it and try to start the game a few times, see how it goes.


i don’t have any emulators! But thanks 10 times for this explanation!!

So i did what you said and it still does that. Anyway, i hope it will be fixed in a next update [thanks again] and … Valve anti cheat suck. a lot. Always has, always will!

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