Game is unplayable with EAC errors

Idk what the devs were thinking with this EAC thing. But now I cant play the game any more.

Story: Computer lost power during game
Logged back on, got oOOOOD error.

Followed instructions on fatshark site.

Now I get this huge EAC erroor 2000006.

I cant take this anymore. Im done. I cant keep playing this game that does want to be played.

Did you try verifying file integrity?

Are you sure the server just doesn’t still have you logged in because of the disconnect? It happens with a lot of MMO’s and other games. Instead of crying and quiting over a bug that has not effected anyone else that I know. Why don’t you post more information and get the FS staff to help you.

Verify your game files, or uninstall your hacks…