EAC Error, unable to connect to servers

Per the title, i’m getting an EAC error of;

“You are not allowed to connect. Either this or the other game instance is untrusted by the anti cheat system”

Attemped fixes I have done (prior to posting, and in this order)
-Ensure B.B.Beta was not somehow on still
-Disabling ALL mods
-Revalidating steam files
*Restarting PC
-Reinstalling EAC located in the steamapps\common folder
*Restarting PC
-Repairing EAC
*Restarting PC

I play most frequently with my family, and they are having the exact same issues, and have done the exact same “fixes” as I have. (Namely, I did it myself on their PC’s) However, we are STILL having issues and can’t connect to each other. If I do a QP search, occasionally I’ll get someone who can connect, but others will be loading in for a while before it drops them. Doesn’t state why in the chat, so I’m guessing it’s the EAC thing still. I can link to the different threads that have a similar issue as mine, but none of the fixes (all go back to outlined above) seem to work for us.

Quick note - Both via QP and friend invite we’re having issues. Some friends/randoms can get in, others can’t. The friends who got in did NOT do the B.B.Beta, while the friends who DID play the beta are having issues. I did the B.B.Beta as well.

I have not reinstalled V2 yet, I’ve been traveling lately and did not have the luxury of data, time, or location. I will do that when I get a chance and/or if it’s recommended.

Can I get some input on what I might need to do from here to fix this? Please and thank you.

Quick edit - I submitted a post via the support portal @ https://en.kundo.se/org/fatshark/ Since I thought this thread got lost on the highway of information. It just took 12ish hours to get posted. If I get a response there before here, i’ll throw something in the body and/or make a reply. Sorry for the double-post of sorts.

Locking post since we’re handling this via the Support Portal. If anybody else is reading this and has a similar issue, please pop us a message over at http://fatsharkgames.com/support. Thank you!

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