Reinstalled on new PC, can't join friends because my instance is untrusted by Anti-Cheat

So, I’ve gotten a new PC a few months ago, and decided to reinstall Vermintide 2.

I did a bit of testing in single-player runs, but tonight we wanted to play together with my friends. However, unlike on my old PC, I suddenly cannot join either of them because my game is untrusted by EAC. We’ve put 200+ hours into the game before, but it seems like we cannot continue our runs.

So far I’ve tried removing the Vermintide content from the appdata folder, verifying the game files, removing overclock, reinstalling EAC, and excluding my Steam folder from my anti-virus, but to no avail.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know, I can also provide log files if needed.

Another thing that might help (not sure if these are connected): during one of my single player runs, a player joined my game, even though I was invisible on Steam, and I was hosting a private game. I didn’t want to play with someone else, so I just pressed alt-F4. Since then, I got a bit stressed, because a random person joining my private game seemed kinda shady, I hope it has nothing to do with it.

Please let me know if there’s something I can done because we really want to keep playing!

Thanks in advance!

Only thing that comes to mind is that it’s possible you or your friends are playing on the Modded realm.

When you open the launcher, make sure your launcher says you are on the “Official Realm”, instead of the “Modded Realm”.

All players need to be on the same realm to play together.

I have responded to your submission via the Support Portal, with basically everything Kaelus has mentioned above. My reply may be in your ‘Spam’ inbox. :slight_smile:

I thought friends could join private games? Could it have been someone from your friends list?

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