Untrusted - no EAC Running?

I’ve owned the game for one day now and I’ve only played it once and it worked fine. I opened the game the next day and I get this error message in the top right-hand corner telling me that I’m not trusted as I’m not running EAC.

  • I’ve restarted my PC
  • Reinstalled the game
  • Repaired/Reinstalled my EAC

But it still keeps popping up.
When I open task manager I can see the Vermintide EAC running when the game is own, so I have no idea what’s going on. Another weird thing that keeps happening is when I exit the game the splash it still there. so when I force close it, it thinks that the game crashed.

It won’t let me play with others or save my progress and I’ve done nothing wrong, (that I know of).

I hope someone could help me out soon as its really bugging me.

Hmmm, I apologise but admittedly I’m not sure what to recommend here. I think the best option would be to reach out to Easy Anti-Cheat directly: https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/game/contact/tech/

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