Game is stuck at 30 FPS

Issue Description:

The game is stuck at 30 FPS. VSYNC of both the launcher and game itself is turned off. The FPS cap in the video option is also set to “unlimited” yet the game is still locked at 30 fps. When the game window is minimized however the framerate of the game is finally “unlocked” only for it to go back to 30 FPS once the game-tab is opened again.

Attempted Solutions:
I’ve tried to disable and re-enable the vsync/FPS cap in the game, i tried changing the cap to different values other then 30, change the Vysnc setting in the launcher, yet the problem still persists. I tried veryfing the game files on steam and im currently re-installing it to see if it now works. Will update if it does.


PC Specifications:
CPU: ryzen r9 5900x
GPU: RTX 3600 TI
RAM: 32 Gb

UPDATE: Re-installing the game and deleting the appdata folder for Darkitide seems to have fixed the issue