Game crashes while loading from launcher

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GUID: 5de8bb64-f046-4b80-b24e-79a30ff57a25
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Steps to Reproduce:
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1.Start game from launcher
2. Game will not load
3. Crash

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[22/11/2022, 2:00PM] [Mountain]

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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console-2022-11-22-21.03.21-97d2fc51-3385-4eb6-bb97-24bf3445508c.log (7.0 KB)
darktide_launcher.log (531.0 KB)

This appears to be an anti-virus problem

Please whitelist the darktide application or disable your anti-virus entirely

Let us know if Satoru’s recommendation above has helped! :slight_smile:

Disabling anti-virus/White listing programs and removing epic games launcher didn’t work. Once Anti-cheat screen pops up an Application error message pops up “Darktide.exe Application error” - “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close application.”