Game Crash on startup

I have already had a thread on this a while ago, and we didnt find a fix. My game crashes on startup. However, i have tried launching the game through the files with the easy anti cheat launcher and I got an error saying: Invalid game executable: (game files) vermintide2.exe. I dont know if its relevant to anything or if it helps at all but i am clutching at straws here :smiley: I will also post the error message i get after the startup in case its somehow different from my thread where you told me that it hasnt really told you anything :smiley:
GUID: 35897672-fe75-4a8a-9d60-1daf7493319f
Log File:
Info Type:

The Invalid Game Executable error is related to Easy Anti-Cheat, so we have something to work with in that sense!

Are you using Avast, AVG, SpyBot or 360 Total Security Anti-Virus?

Just seen youโ€™re launching through the directory - errors will always be produced when launching through the directory. What happens if you attempt to launch normally?

The game just stops responding after 5 seconds or so and crashes :smiley: I have already tried the common troubleshooting methods and none worked :frowning:

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