Crash in game launch

I just bought the Collector’s upgrade of the game, and after the download of the DLC, the game start the launcher, but when i push the PLAY button, black screen for few seconds and i’ve a crash message.
When i copy :

GUID: f2cca3c5-4d0c-400a-aecf-c6180e8f60a2
Log File:
Info Type:

Or this :

GUID: b35f8949-0b37-4b36-91c1-efea2bd9850c
Log File:
Info Type:

Can someone help me ?

Are you using Avast or AVG Anti-Virus?

No, only the windows Antivirus

Not really on topic. But I’ve had a good performance increase after excluding the Vermintide 2 Install-directory in the Windows Defender settings. Might be still worth a shot.

i have the same problem
GUID: 8d18e36a-a04b-48c2-bd18-6483b2d04159
Log File:
Info Type:

i do not understant what means all this numbers but i need help too

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